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The 49ers’ unique contract with Jimmy Garoppolo will allow QB to earn millions in bonus money this year


With Trey Lance officially ending the season, that means Jimmy Garoppolo will take on the role of the 49th starting quarterback for the rest of the year and thanks to the revised deal he signed. With the team in AugustGaroppolo will almost certainly end up making millions of dollars in bonus money over the next few months.

When Garoppolo He agreed to restructure his contract With the 49ers, he accepted a deal that only paid him $6.5 million in guaranteed money for 2022. However, the contract also came with millions of dollars in incentives he could earn if QB became the starter this season, which is what is happening now.

So how much can Garoppolo earn in addition to his $6.5 million salary? Let’s check it out (via

  • He gets paid just for being on the active list. Every week Garoppolo is on the active list – he doesn’t even have to start – he’ll get nearly $29,000 in reward. For the entire season, Garoppolo can earn up to $500,000 in each bounty list. You are expected to earn: $500,000.
  • The perks of being a starter. For each game in which Garoppolo takes at least 25% of the shots in the middle, he will receive a bonus of $250,000. That means he made $250,000 in the second week. If he stays healthy, he will get a $250,000 reward in each of his next 15 in-game checks. You are expected to earn: 4 million dollars.
  • Winning pays off. On top of the $250,000, Garoppolo will also get $100,000 if the 49ers win any game where they play at least 25% of the picks. For the purpose of this exercise, we will say that the 49 players won 10 matches. You are expected to earn: 1 million dollars.

In short: If Garoppolo plays 25% of the shots in a game and the 49 players win, he gets $350,000 in extra money each week in addition to the $29,000 active roster bonus. These two numbers together are more than double his base salary per game this year ($361,000).

So how did Garoppolo feel about raising more than $300,000 in reward on Sunday?

Over the course of the regular season, Garoppolo could earn $5.5 million in addition to his $6.5 million salary ($5.5 million could become $6.1 million if he didn’t lose any games).

Garoppolo can also earn more money with several qualifying incentives:

  • He gets $500,000 for taking 50% of the shots in any playoff game.
  • He gets another $500,000 if he gets 50% of the shots in an NFC game and the 49 players win.
  • He also gets a million dollars if he gets 50% of the picks in the Super Bowl.

With these incentives, Garoppolo can add another $3 million in bonus money if the 49 players play the Wild Card Tour and make it to the Super Bowl.

Basically, Garoppolo will have a lot of extra incentive to win games this year and that incentive is that his paycheck is directly tied to San Francisco’s success.

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