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A call for the evacuation of Algerians from Syria and Turkey – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The representative of the national community in the National People’s Assembly, Faris Rahmani, appealed to the higher authorities in the country in order to speed up the process of evacuating Algerians from Turkey and Syria who want to return to the homeland.

And Faris Rahmani said in a post on his Facebook page, that he calls for the speedy evacuation of the Algerians affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria to the homeland, pointing to the suffering of many members of the national community in Turkey and Syria after they and their families left their ramshackle homes and went out to their homes. out in the open without a clear destination or shelter.

The source affirmed that he had received calls from a number of Algerians residing in Syria and Turkey confirming their desire to return to Algeria, which necessitates obtaining a pass permit to Algeria. He expressed his thanks to the authorities who rushed to transfer the bodies of two Algerian nationals from Turkey who died in Monday’s earthquake.

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