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Al-Wadi.. The National Gendarmerie in Hamraia seizes a significant amount of hallucinogenic tablets – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

In continuation of the specific operations of the regional brigade of the National Gendarmerie in Hamraia in the state of El Oued, the members of the latter were able to seize a significant amount of hallucinogenic pills estimated at 78,000 hallucinogenic tablets of the type Pregabalin 300 mg that were hidden in the back trunk of a luxury tourist car whose driver tried to evade a control point by entering one of the many stations Services.
This qualitative operation made it possible to seize the aforementioned amount of hallucinogenic tablets, as well as a luxury tourist vehicle, and the arrest of its driver.
The regional division of the National Gendarmerie in Hamraya opened an investigation into the case, and the suspect will be brought before the judicial authorities as soon as the investigation is completed.

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