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Arkab receives the Director of the General Secretariat of the Association of Energy Regulators of the Mediterranean Basin Countries – Al-Hiwar Algeria

The Minister of Energy and Mines, Muhammad Arkab, received today, Wednesday, at the headquarters of his ministerial department, a delegation from the General Secretariat of the Mediterranean Energy Regulators Association (MEDREG), led by the Director of the General Secretariat, Hassan Ozkok.

The meeting took place in the presence of the Chairwoman of the Electricity and Gas Control Committee, CREG, and the Head of the Fuel Regulatory Authority, ARH, in their capacity as members of the association since its inception, in addition to executives from the Ministry, the Fuel Regulatory Authority, and the Electricity and Gas Regulatory Committee.

On this occasion, the two sides reviewed the status of cooperation relations between MEDREG and the control authorities and regulatory and supervisory bodies for the energy sector, as well as ways to enhance this cooperation with the aim of facilitating and developing regulatory methods and practices in the field of energy, especially electricity, gas and fuel.

The Minister of Energy and Mines indicated that the energy and mines sector attaches special importance to follow-up

Monitoring the extent of implementation of public services for electricity and gas distribution. As the consumer puts

At the core of his interests is to achieve a balance between the interests of consumers and dealers, in addition to controlling the activities of the fuel sector. He also stressed the need to push for more coordination within the framework of regional markets and legal frameworks in the field of energy with a view to securing the gradual integration of the market and strengthening energy cooperation relations in the Mediterranean region, and that the sector, through its regulatory and oversight bodies, is ready to enhance this cooperation, especially in order to adopt An approach that enables the formation of a collaborative platform between the regulatory authorities of the Mediterranean countries with the aim of exchanging technical knowledge, training and capacity building.

It should be noted that MEDREG, the association of energy regulators for the Mediterranean countries, includes 27 actors from the countries of the Mediterranean basin, and works to promote a transparent, stable and compatible regulatory framework in the Mediterranean region to enhance infrastructure investments, consumer protection, and enhance cooperation in energy field.

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