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Army Magazine: Protecting borders, cyber defense and preserving the environment… Security is indivisible – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryya

The June issue of the Army Magazine was published, which stressed the need to achieve comprehensive security as an undivided whole away from the traditional concept of security.

The editorial, titled “Security is indivisible,” began by emphasizing that the country’s leadership “has set its sights on the need to achieve comprehensive security as an indivisible whole, away from the traditional concept of security,” as it relates to “a complete security system that is interconnected and has points of convergence.” and cohesion.”

In addition to internal security, this system includes “internal security, economic security, social security, intellectual and cultural security, environmental security and cyber security,” noting the “special importance” that the country’s supreme leadership attaches to the latter, given its “geo-strategic dimension in The context of the wars of the new generation, which have become among the threats to the sovereignty of states, which necessitates the coordination of all the nation’s capabilities in the field in order to protect the vital and strategic interests of our country.”

Within this approach – remember the editorial – the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune stressed in a speech at the opening of the National Forum on Cybersecurity organized by the Ministry of National Defense on “the need to provide the necessary and complete protection for our vital institutions in a safe and continuous manner.” ”, paused when he said, “Ensuring national security, with its political, military, economic, societal, and even technological dimensions, requires the development of our integrated national strategy in the digital field, combining proactivity and prevention of threats in cyberspace, protecting systems and data, and ensuring the promotion of a national and patriotic digital culture whose pillar is Continuous awareness and strategic vigilance for all institutions.

In the same context – the magazine continues in its editorial – the Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, Lieutenant General Said Chenegriha, affirmed what the President of the Republic said regarding the need to confront all risks and threats targeting the sensitive and vital systems of the state, by adopting a proactive and preventive action.

In this regard, Lieutenant General Chenegriha had stressed in a speech on the same occasion that “in order to confront these threats, it is necessary to be vigilant, to join efforts of all concerned parties, civil and military, and to ensure the sharing of the technical means used, in addition to relying on On the Algerian competencies present inside and outside the country, while working to control the various levels of cyberspace, including infrastructure, software and national content, with a sovereign logic and a long-term strategic vision.

From this perspective, the People’s National Army “carries out its noble constitutional duties to the fullest, and is involved in the strategy of the Algerian state to ensure comprehensive security according to a visionary vision, by taking note of all the reasons that secure our country from everything that would make it vulnerable to any danger of any nature.” or its source.

In this regard, the magazine indicated that continuous combat preparation to reach maximum readiness is “the most important element for ensuring comprehensive security,” stressing the keenness of the High Command of People’s National Army to “maintain the operational readiness of the battle strength units at their highest levels, and to prepare and train well our armed forces.” .

In this context, the same magazine mentioned the assertion of the Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, during his recent visit to the 2nd Military Region, that “the dominant feature of the actions of the People’s National Army in the past few years, under the leadership of the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, It is a feature of seriousness and effectiveness, as our strong army confirmed in the field and through tangible results, that it is from the nature of those national armies whose hearts were filled with unyielding determination and an indomitable will, whose motto is serving the nation with full loyalty and its pillar is to continue with great determination to acquire the forces of strength with which it achieves its goal The most important thing is to preserve the trust of the glories of the martyrs, by protecting the security and stability of the homeland, its independence, and its territorial and popular unity.

For this purpose – the editorial adds – “our army implements the combat preparation program rigorously and efficiently, interspersed with tactical exercises with live ammunition throughout the year, which is a new development achieved by our army in this field.”

In the same vein, “the test of the operational readiness of our armed forces in all the exercises that were carried out recently, day and night, and in conditions similar to the real battle, confirms the great development achieved at all levels and the good coordination between the various participating units, and their ability to carry out various combat operations with great success,” as highlighted by it. “Army” magazine in its editorial.

In addition to the aforementioned, “the personnel have good control over the various weapons and modern high-tech equipment, leaving no room for doubt about the extent of the operational readiness reached by the various components of the battle strength of the National People’s Army,” confirms the editorial.

The same source concluded by noting that the People’s National Army was able, in the recent period, to “achieve significant achievements in all fields, thanks to a well-defined strategy and painstaking and continuous work, through the readiness of its people to constantly respond to the developments taking place, armed with awareness of the various security risks facing our country and to do more.” From efforts to reach the highest levels, to keep our country safe at all levels.

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