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Belabed: Employment in the sector only when needed and instructions for austerity – Al-Hiwar Algeria

The Minister of National Education, Abdel Hakim Belabed, confirmed that he had given instructions to rationalize expenditures in the education sector, and to ensure employment as needed only, within the framework of preparing for the next school entry.

And the Minister of National Education, Abdel Hakim Belabed, said during his supervision of a meeting on preparing for the next school entry 2023-2024 that instructions were given in order to rationalize expenses and ensure that educational maps call for the necessary positions, no more or less, although he confirmed that the authorities are keen To give adequate budget to the education sector, adding that the higher education and scientific research sector has taken upon itself what interests it through graduation or after graduation and vocational training. The Minister ordered an objective and accurate analysis of all school maps and the educational regulations resulting from them in educational institutions for the current academic year, to determine potential expectations in the next academic year, to diagnose financial positions according to the actual needs of each educational institution, and to actively engage in the state’s endeavor to rationalize expenditures.

Belabed indicated that the next school entry will witness many changes, including the teaching of English in the fourth year of primary school, as the readiness of the programs has been completed, in addition to the installation of the third year of secondary education for the Arts Division and the first baccalaureate exam in the Arts Division for the year. coming. The minister also talked about instructions to take care of a group of children with autism and visual problems, in return for working to expand the teaching of the Amazigh language, and to hold a symposium to evaluate the trio and a workshop specializing in the Amazigh language.

Belabed also confirmed the completion of the stages of preparation for the next school entry, and said that the team will work for a full week and all states will present the educational regulations and the school map. These meetings, which will last from February 21 to March 8, 2023, will be devoted to studying the expected needs for the next school entry, based on data related to the number of new students who will join the school for the first time, in addition to expectations of success and transition at various levels and stages, and the structures expected to be received, and control of educational and administrative supervision. .

The minister revealed that 62,000 contracted professors have finally been integrated into vacant positions, and 36,000 professors have been promoted to principal and component professors, which are two major steps to prepare for the next school entry, in addition to the upcoming professional exams that will allow filling basic positions for the new structures expected to be received, according to Belabed, who emphasized The need to mobilize and prepare well for that by controlling the processes related to estimating the number of students, educational cohorts, pedagogical and administrative supervision, as well as pedagogical structures and support structures programmed for receiving, as essential elements for preparing for school entry. He revealed that the next academic year will witness an expansion of the use of the electronic board in other primary schools.

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