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Ben Abdelrahman: The state will not give up its social role – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Today, Saturday, the Prime Minister, Ayman bin Abdel Rahman, supervised the graduation of the 51st batch of the National School of Administration.,

Bin Abdul Rahman said that the state will not abandon its social role and will spare no effort to protect the purchasing power of the citizen.
Ayman bin Abd al-Rahman added, “With the graduation of the sixtieth class to restore national sovereignty from the National School of Administration, we are working on drawing the features of a new era through which we aspire to build a modern state with its performance in which the citizen is an active party and an aspired goal for public activity and utility.”

The minister indicated that “this is an era in which our country, after we completed the institutional construction under the leadership of the President of the Republic, will enjoy an economy with diversified incomes that guarantees the citizen his food, health and energy security away from the rentier logic, without the state giving up its social role, and sparing no effort to protect purchasing power.” ensuring a decent life for all citizens.

He added, “These lofty goals, which are guaranteed and sought by the President of the Republic’s program, will not be achieved unless they are accompanied by a modern public administration that places the facility at the center of its priorities and works to combine the systems and procedures approach with an approach that enhances the logic of performance and results and liberates initiatives.”

He pointed out that “it is the responsibility of the National School of Administration to prepare administrative leaders who control the techniques and tools of modern public administration, adopt the logic of efficiency and effectiveness, establish the requirements of good public governance, and embody digital transformation in public administration.”

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