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Bouslimani: National and Professional Media to Confront the Media War – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Minister of Communication, Mohamed Bouslimani, confirmed today, Thursday, to Bashar that Algeria needs a professional national media to protect its options and confront the media war against its people and its republican institutions.

In a speech he delivered while supervising the opening of the fourth session on institutional communication, the minister stated that “Algeria is moving steadily towards a promising and prosperous future with a rational sovereign policy that needs professional national media, including institutional, slave and electronic, to protect its options and confront the systematic media war against its republican institutions, its unified people and its heroic history.” through the ages.”

And he added, “The Algerian media, which has always proved its alignment with the issues of the homeland, is called today to continue the path and adapt to new technologies for information and communication, benefiting from the support of the state based on modernization and the promotion of neighborhood media in the southern states, especially the young ones.”

Mr. Bouslimani added, “Training is one of the necessary tools to improve the capabilities of media professionals and journalists, and to qualify them to keep up with the achievements of the new Algeria, which the enemies are fighting against with frenzied cyber warfare and various despicable plots.”

In this context, the minister stated, “The importance of this type of communication is becoming increasingly evident in light of the state’s keenness to promote the citizen’s right, wherever he is, to timely and honest information about what he means in various fields, especially at the local level.”

He pointed out that “institutional communication contributes to building a harmonious and reliable relationship between the population and the administration, as well as preventing the impact of misinformation and false news on citizens.”

It is worth noting that the training course on institutional communication (February 16-18) will provide representatives of the national press and communication cells in the wilayas of Bechar, Tindouf, Adrar, Timimoun, Beni Abbas and Bordj Badji Mokhtar with information and knowledge to enhance their performance in the field of institutional communication.

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