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Bouslimani: We need an offensive press, and this is why the Algerian state institutions will not be broken – Al-Hiwar

The Minister of Communication, Mohamed Bouslimani, affirmed that the Algerian media today must become offensive, not defensive, and that its role should be proactive in responding to the attacks that Algeria is exposed to from hostile parties, about which he said that it will not succeed in breaking state institutions for one reason.

And Mohamed Bouslimani said, today, Monday, during the Forum of the first channel of the national radio, that the enemies will not succeed in breaking the state institutions for one reason, which is that it was founded by the people and includes the people of the people from the army institution to the president of the republic and the ministers, “stressing that” Algeria’s institutions are one and unified and steadfast”, and that “Algerian youth have become aware”.

Mohamed Bouslimani focused on the important role that the media, especially the digital and electronic press, should play, and it is a proactive role based on good marketing of the image of Algeria, unlike what was the case previously, as the minister stated that since his supervision of the sector he noticed that some newspapers and channels dwarf the achievements and exaggerate Negatives . In the context, the speaker stressed that he encourages the digital and electronic press because it is very important in confronting attacks and responding quickly to them, adding that all national media are required to participate in building the country and to be an effective and unified party, and they have proven that they can raise challenges in many stations. He said, “The journalist is a citizen before he is a journalist, and he has jealousy for his country, and he must be in the front row … Today we need proactive rather than reaction.”

Regarding the organization of the sector, Bouslimani affirmed that the new laws are in favor of the sector and journalists, but “those who are accustomed to working in troubled waters do not want to regulate the profession and transparency because it keeps away corrupt money and intruders,” noting that “everyone who comes and goes and talks on Facebook says I am a journalist, even the parish that It was smuggled,” referring to Amira Bouraoui. In his speech, he emphasized that freedoms are constitutionally guaranteed, and that President Abdel Majeed Tebboune chose to address the citizen frankly, simply and objectively – according to Bouslimani – who said that “the people have become confident in their officials, and this is a great achievement.” And he added, “Algeria has regained its natural position diplomatically and has become a regional power that is heard and a thousand accounts are made for it after the difficult years it went through.” He added, “We are waiting for a lot from the national press, because in the past we did not know how to market Algeria’s image.”

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