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By Colonel Fariq Ashour: A rescue operation under the grave requires high technical and mental skills – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

Colonel Fariq Ashour explained that the civil protection team consists of several specialties, including a team specialized in locating victims, another specialized in technical means, as well as a team specialized in electronic issues, followed by a team specialized in rescue under the rubble.

According to him, this specialization requires great skill, especially since these living people are present, as it is called in the civil protection dictionary, in the pockets of life, and it is very difficult for him to intervene in these depths. Nevertheless, as he said, it is the responsibility of the elements of our rescue teams to continue their work to recover the victims and save the living, as required. One of the actors of the Algerian Civil Protection is the use of high technologies and the extraction of victims in a correct manner, otherwise the rest of the buildings will collapse.

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