The Minister of Culture reveals: Expanding “cultural sheds” in order to protect our heritage


The Minister revealed that a proposal had been prepared to expand the scope of cultural sheds in order to protect the tangible and intangible national heritage.

The Minister of Culture and Arts, Souria Moulouji, confirmed, during a plenary session to ask oral questions at the National People’s Assembly, the establishment of new administrative frameworks for management, protection, inventory, documentation and scientific study at the national level. Heritage and regional integration through the culture and heritage of neighboring countries.

And it announced the allocation of a financial envelope exceeding 91 million DZD to protect and value the archaeological site “Lambiz” in Tazault, in the state of Batna.

In her response to a question by the deputy, Yazid Bouhanaf, about the status of the archaeological sites in Batna, Maulouji explained that the process of “protecting and evaluating the archaeological site of Tazeult has been programmed, with a financial envelope of 91,144,202.00 DZD,” noting that “the site was exposed to a lot of distortion due to the construction of buildings and facilities.” Violating the legislation related to the protection of cultural heritage.

In the same context, she added, “a book of conditions was prepared to be presented to the Public Procurement Committee on January 30, 2023, to set the nature of the works that must be accomplished, which are related to fencing and solar lighting.”

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On the other hand, Souriya Mulogi said: “The ministry has acquired 17 hectares of private property at the Lambez site, which contain large esoteric monuments, to save them from extinction.

Maulouji confirmed that the culture and arts sector of the state of Batna “has benefited from several important cultural investment projects, as the investment program for the sector includes 23 registered operations.


In a question to parliamentarian Nasser Boujalti about the ministry’s strategy for the promotion and exploitation of cultural heritage, the minister affirmed, “The tangible and intangible cultural heritage is at the core of the state’s concerns through the program of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, and translated into the government’s program,” highlighting that it will soon be “reconsidered.” In all the legal and organizational arsenal related to cultural heritage, which will soon be finalized and presented to the relevant competent authorities.

In her response to the question of Representative Belkacem Mesnadi, related to cultural investment to preserve the tangible and intangible heritage in the wilaya of Tebessa, Soria Moulouji explained that the wilaya has benefited from a considerable number of investment operations in various cultural fields, and “its investment program is estimated at 23 operations with a total amount estimated at 1,579,468,000.00 DZD, some of which are in the process of completion, and some that were frozen during 2015,” explaining that the sector is working “to lift the freeze according to importance and priority.”


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