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The first critical book on the Saudi poet Asiya Al-Ammari will be published soon, entitled: “Manifestations of the Reader’s Imagination,” in which the critic Abdullah Al-Samati studies and analyzes the fourth collection of the poetess, which bears the title: “You Walk Outside the Roses.”
Al-Samati believes that the poem is reflected in the poetry of Asiya al-Ammari according to the contexts she imposed on her writing, which are contexts that focus on intense condensation. Hence, the reader of her texts will be placed in a specific formal framework through which these texts are read, or in other words: the poet is the one who forms The reader according to what you write, and prepares him to receive extensive texts, that focus more on the significance than on detailing the poetic subject, and focus on the result more than on presenting premises and reasons. It is certainly an area that is not easy, and does not provide everything for the recipient, but rather makes him stand on the edges of the semantic codes of the texts.
In the book, Al-Samati focuses on the dimensions of the short structure in her poetry, through her collection: “She Walks Outside the Roses,” where she argues in these very short texts, a number of visions, that constitute a measure of the aesthetic tension that the texts intend.
Al-Samati says in his book: “The poet chose this form and this aesthetic expressive performance to present her experience about love, death, loss, childhood, memory, joy, pain, description and observation, and she thus presents her poetic formats that are read according to a specific method that does not require a search for content, but rather a search for vision.” Nor is the search for the poetic subject, but the search for the question, and here we are dealing with different texts, which are not extinguished by simply knowing their motives and implications, but rather remain subject to interpretation, disclosure and investigation through each new reading.
The book consists of four chapters bearing the following titles: The Shock of Reception, The Identity of Words and the Unique Principle, She and the Rose and the Poetics of Conscience, Poetic Discourse Techniques
Al-Samati believes that the poetic/prose mixture presented by the prose poem is a creative mixture in its essence, because it does not differentiate between the artistic and technical performance of poetry, and the artistic and technical performance of prose.
The aesthetics of the short text does not stop at the limits of the number of words and the size of the sentences, but it is evident in the texts stored in moral energies, and semantic semiological dimensions that can lead us through interpretation to further and deeper spaces.
It is noteworthy that the poet Asiya Al-Ammari has published four collections: (Concerning Two Roses) (The Literary Club in Riyadh 2009), (Can an Abandoned Dress) / Dar Rawashen 2020, (Salty Jar Songs) / Dar Rawashen 2020, and (You Walk Outside the Roses) / Dar Rawashen 2021 AD
This new book is the twelfth book in which Abdullah Al-Samati deals with examples and phenomena of current Saudi literature.

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