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Darmanan, face to face with opponents of the new immigration law – the Algerian dialogue

Today, Wednesday, the French government is discussing the new immigration bill, which is presented by Interior Minister Gerald Dermanan to the Council of Ministers, which aims in its entirety to control the number of arrivals on French soil and deport the unwanted.

Before the bill was presented to the Senate and the House of Representatives, a major political controversy erupted in France after its broad outlines were revealed, as human rights organizations dealing with asylum and immigration issues considered it restricting the rights of foreign immigrants.

The French immigration bill stipulates in its entirety measures aimed at responding to the shortage of labor in some sectors, as the draft law proposes granting immigrants who have previously worked in sectors that experience pressure for eight consecutive months residency for a period of three years, without giving them the right to reunite with their families. . Work permits will be granted, in principle, for a period of one year, to illegal immigrants working in sectors that are in high demand for labor, provided that the list of required professions is continuously updated.

As for asylum seekers, they are allowed to work immediately after submitting their application, provided that they hold specific nationalities mentioned on a list that is updated annually, while asylum seekers are not allowed to enter the labor market during the first six months from the date of submitting their applications, or until a decision is made. their applications or appeals, which may take more than three years in some cases.

On the other hand, those wishing to obtain a multi-year residence card will have to master the minimum level of the French language, in exchange for tightening control over institutions and companies and monitoring the rates of their employment of people who do not have legal residences on French soil, as the violating institution is subject to a fine that may reach four thousand. Euros, for each detected violation case, doubled in case of recurrence.

The ultimate goal of the new Immigration and Asylum Law remains to raise the rate of expulsions of immigrants by strengthening the powers of the provinces with regard to issuing orders to leave French territory, for those whose asylum applications were rejected by the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA), as the project provides for the facilitation of a single judge Considering asylum applications, a proposal that met with strong objection by bodies concerned with asylum issues.

The bill also focuses on increasing the rates of expulsion of foreigners prosecuted for non-compliance with the law and the values ​​of the Republic, and allows law enforcement forces to use “coercion to obtain fingerprints and photos of foreigners residing irregularly in the country.”

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