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Directives from the Ministry of Health regarding the prevention of food poisoning – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Ministry of Health has issued directives regarding precautions to be taken to prevent food poisoning.
And the ministry’s statement stated: Within the framework of the awareness campaign for the summer season and in implementation of the national program to combat food poisoning, which is a sick condition of an individual or group of individuals after consuming the same food or contaminated water, the Ministry of Health recommends that all citizens take preventive measures to avoid food poisoning. .
Symptoms of food poisoning:
Nausea, abdominal pain, and sometimes diarrhea and a high fever. And these symptoms appear in a period ranging from several hours to a week or more.
Therefore, the Ministry of Health recommends the following health guidelines: respecting the basic rules of hygiene by ensuring that hands and utensils are clean, washing vegetables and fruits before using them,
Check the expiration date Ensure that the refrigerator temperature is 4°C Wash cutting boards and all cooking utensils used for raw meat Frozen meat should never be left at room temperature Respect the cold chain.
Not cooking meat halfway through and then cooking it again at a later time. Also, cooking should be done at a suitable temperature. Deformed/swollen canned food boxes that have a strange smell when opened should not be consumed. Use different tools, such as knives, cutting boards, cooking utensils, etc. for raw food. Separate cooked food from raw food in the refrigerator. To avoid cross-contamination, place food in closed containers to avoid contact between raw and ready-to-eat foods, do not leave cooked food for more than two hours at room temperature,
Do not store food for a long time, even in the refrigerator. Treat and protect any injury or wound to the hands before preparing food.

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