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Diwan Riad Al-Fateh waived dues for renting shops during the Corona pandemic period – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

In her meeting at the end of last week, the Minister of Culture and Arts, Suria Moulouji, with representatives of the Commercial Stores Exploiters Association in the Riad Al-Fateh Diwan, in the presence of Hisham Issani, who is in charge of the Diwan’s management, appreciated the efforts made by all parties to promote this ancient cultural edifice.

She also affirmed her comprehensive knowledge and concern for the file of the Diwan of Riyadh al-Fateh, stressing the keenness of the country’s supreme leadership to advance it by allocating a considerable financial envelope for its rehabilitation and renewal of its equipment.

On the other hand, the representatives of the exploiters of the shops expressed their concerns, especially with regard to the issue of applying the new book of conditions, so that the Minister clarified that this book will be applied only to the new exploiters after conducting bidding operations to rent the vacant shops, and the issue of accumulated rent debts owed to the Bureau was also raised, as he indicated Representatives of the shop owners referred to the financial hardship they suffered from during the Corona pandemic, after the closure of all commercial spaces and centers, so that the meeting concluded an agreement on many points, the most important of which is the Bureau’s waiver of receiving dues for renting shops during the period of the Covid 19 pandemic (three 03 months), and specifying A timetable for paying the remaining dues between the two parties through installments, and setting a program for cultural and artistic activities in order to create a commercial dynamism in the Riad Al-Fateh Diwan for the benefit of all parties.

Finally, the Minister stressed that the Algerian state attaches great importance to this edifice, as it has registered two operations in one year to reconfigure and rehabilitate it, and this has not happened since its establishment, as the urgent works that began at the end of 2022 have been completed, and the embodiment of the works will begin. During the current year, all spaces, structures and equipment will be renovated and prepared.

The Minister also gave instructions to those in charge of the Diwan to set a program for major demonstrations to restore the cultural and commercial movement of this edifice, and stressed the importance of opening the doors of dialogue to all stakeholders and involving them in creating a new dynamism to establish modern traditions in the management of this institution to be a cultural, commercial and tourist pole par excellence.

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