Dr. Malhav: We renew the call to take the Covid vaccine, and we do not wait for a new wave to take the vaccine – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Dr. Muhammad Malhaf, a specialist and researcher in virology and head of the Health Security Forum, Research and Development, said that the Corona pandemic revealed the importance of health sovereignty, which requires us to provide vaccines of all kinds to combat all viruses.

Malhak added on the regional waves of Radio Constantine that the World Health Organization revealed that most emerging diseases have an animal source and that 60 to 70% have a viral source. In virology, it is known that antivirals are not effective and their price is exorbitant.

And he added: In light of these data, the only effective weapon against viruses is the vaccine, and this is what Algeria is seeking to achieve today by strengthening the pharmaceutical industries with the aim of achieving self-sufficiency in vaccines. When we talk about vaccines, we mean all kinds, similar to those directed to human medicine and health. Veterinary, in Constantine there is a national school of biotechnology, which contains high-precision technologies that keep pace with developments in the world, especially those related to medicines, vaccines, and even nutrition.

And Malhaq warned: We mention that the symptoms of seasonal influenza are very similar to the symptoms of corona infection, and this requires consulting a doctor. Laboratory experiments alone determine the type of virus, so we advise not to be complacent to break the chain of infection.

We are still in a global pandemic, especially as we are recording an increase in cases of corona infection in some countries, such as China and France, which are recording the beginning of the ninth wave. We are not isolated from this world, which requires caution and caution. There is the seasonal influenza virus, and there are viruses that cause influenza syndrome among them that are currently spreading. It is the cause of the common cold. There is the respiratory syncytial virus that infects infants and affects them negatively, which is spreading at the present time. Other viruses include a virus that causes winter gastroenteritis, which causes diarrhea and vomiting, especially in children under 5 years. The duration of flu symptoms is long. Seasonal diseases without treatment cause complications, especially in vulnerable groups, such as pregnant women, children, the elderly and people with chronic diseases, in addition to health workers.

And he said: The World Health Organization advises taking the anti-vaccine to avoid the spread of infection and complications. We also renew the call to take the vaccine against Covid and do not wait for a new wave to take the vaccine. We also stress the need for voluntary return to respect the preventive conditions, especially in closed places and receiving the public. Today we are talking about a newborn It is the Forum for Health Security, Research and Development, which came to support the health system in Algeria. The forum is subject to the law governing civil society and comes as a result of the interest of civil society in public life.

Malhaq said: The establishment of this forum came in response to public health requirements to support health security, especially after the Corona pandemic. Achieving health security is not limited to the health sector only, but rather requires the efforts of a group of sectors concerned with human health. In stopping some manifestations of excessive consumption of some substances that cause pollution of the environmental environment, through the forum we seek to achieve the exploitation of clean energies and the preservation of natural resources to ensure the future of generations.

Wardaq Malhaq: The forum includes a group of executives and competencies working on research and sensitization to prevent many spread diseases and epidemics. Our work will be integrated in full coordination with all authorities with the aim of achieving health security, research and development. Through this new baby, we are working to raise the stakes. Comprehensive multi-sectoral prevention, many common diseases are caused by the environment or food, which confirms the responsibility of all sectors to achieve health security and not be limited to the health sector only. Reducing the burden on public health through prevention in order to avoid many diseases. One of our goals, in cooperation with all sectors, is to develop a forward-looking preventive policy with the inclusion of proposals for public authorities.

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