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The Director General of the Algiers Stock Exchange, Yazid Ben Mahoub, revealed today, Sunday, that the stock exchange intends to put in place a digital pricing system soon that allows conducting transactions via the Internet.

And in his intervention on the waves of the third channel of the national radio, Ben Mahoub stated that the Algiers Stock Exchange “is witnessing a stage of digital transformation,” noting that “a fully digital pricing system is under construction in order to allow transactions to be conducted through the Internet platform.”

In the same regard, the General Manager of the Algiers Stock Exchange explained that the platforms around the world are not owned by the Stock Exchange, but by the brokers.

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And on a question about revising the law related to money and credit, Mr. Ben Mahoub explained that “this reform enshrines the profound transformation that will affect the financial system, adding that the establishment of structures and the commitment of various actors will allow achieving the goals entrusted to this reform.”

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