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Until March, the state of Timimoun registered 13 tourism projects with a total capacity of 1,397 beds.
Once completed and entered into service, these tourism projects will contribute to enhancing the state’s reception capabilities and providing more than 453 direct jobs, as explained by Yamina Tammam, director of the sector.

The same official stated that the registration of this important number of projects in the young wilaya of Timimoun is due to the interest that the sector attaches to promoting tourism services and meeting the needs of tourists arriving in the region, especially during the desert tourism season.

In this regard, she indicated that, since the beginning of this year, the state of Timimoun has counted the influx of more than 2,074 tourists, including 480 foreign tourists of various nationalities.

The spokeswoman added, “The tourism sector in the state witnessed a boom this year, thanks to the recession of the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to the positive repercussions of procedures to facilitate the granting of visas to foreign tourists on the activity of tourism agencies, travels, and flights.”

The matter relates to enabling the foreign tourist, through the approved national tourism agencies, to benefit from the settlement visa instead of the regular visa arrangements, as was explained.

It should be noted that the state of Timimoun is full of diverse tourism capabilities, ranging from natural, cultural and historical, such as the Red Oasis, Amgir Palace, the Oasis Road and the Blue Hills, which have distinct views, as well as its rich heritage in the field of industry and traditional crafts.

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