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Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdul Rahman signed an executive decree establishing the National Water Desalination Agency, its organization and functioning, as issued in the latest issue of the Official Gazette.

This new agency is considered “a means for implementing the national policy in the field of water desalination,” and its activity aims to strengthen national capacities in water production in order to provide water security, as stated in this Executive Decree No. 103-23, signed on March 7 by the Prime Minister. Ayman bin Abdul Rahman.

In this context, the Agency is mandated to complete, exploit and guarantee the maintenance of water desalination plants and related facilities and equipment, and carry out all works and operations that contribute to achieving this purpose, as well as carrying out all studies and analyzes related to water desalination, and placing the water produced at the level of desalination plants at the disposal of the authorities. In charge of water distribution.

The agency contributes to the preparation of the national strategy in the field of water desalination, encourages scientific research and industrial integration of the desalination branch within the framework of the completion and exploitation of desalination plants, in coordination with the concerned institutions and bodies.

Updated information is available on the volumes of produced water, ensuring respect for its quality, and ensuring compliance with the technical rules and standards for the design, construction, preparation and exploitation of desalination facilities and related equipment.

This agency, which is based in Algiers and placed under the tutelage of the Ministry of Irrigation, is a public institution of an industrial and commercial nature, enjoying moral personality and financial independence.

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The agency guarantees the consequences of public service in accordance with the provisions of the book of conditions attached to the text of this decree, and the agency benefits from an initial allocation granted by the state, the amount of which is determined by a joint decision between the two ministers in charge of finance and irrigation, according to the text.

In terms of revenues, the Agency’s budget includes the initial allocation granted by the state, revenues from the sale of water produced at the level of desalination plants, revenues from services provided and related to its subject matter, and remuneration for the consequences of public service entrusted to it.
The state of the agency in accordance with the terms of the book of conditions.


It also includes possible contributions and subsidies by local communities, borrowings and potential subsidies provided by national and international bodies and all other resources related to its activities.

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