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El-Wadi.. The regional group of the National Gendarmerie deals with 5 cases of smuggling of cattle and calves, which are forbidden to be traded – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Preserving public health and consumer protection as well as preserving animal wealth and local breeds, the units of the regional group of the National Gendarmerie in El Oued have dealt with five (05) cases of smuggling of cattle and calves that are forbidden to be traded in the jurisdiction, during which 117 African bulls of the ZéBU breed and 31 head of cattle of the Sedawn type were seized, With the identification of ten suspects.
These significant numbers of heads of livestock and calves were seized at the level of several farms, and their owners brought them from the south of the country on board various means of transport, taking advantage of the state’s contribution to work to reduce the prices of red meat for the citizen and the consumer and to create commercial activity between the residents of the south and the coastal countries, through the establishment of zones A barter, to which merchants flock to acquire this type of breeds on the basis of slaughtering and selling them as meat in accordance with the legal and health procedures in force, but the greed of merchants and their exploitation of the approaching Eid al-Adha and the high prices of livestock prompted them to bring these breeds that are prohibited from trading in the jurisdiction and put them in farms and stables in which they are Fattening them and selling them as Eid sacrifices at twice the purchase price.
A misdemeanor of smuggling banned foreign goods was filed against the persons suspected of being traded in the jurisdiction, represented by ZéBU calves and Sedawn cattle. Once the investigation is completed, the suspects will be brought before the regionally competent judicial authorities

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