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In pictures.. Sonatrach takes care of transporting the community via Tassili Airlines

In an initiative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in cooperation with the Great Mosque of Paris, in order to strengthen bridges of communication and link the Algerian community to their motherland, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdelrahman Hammad, accompanied by the Minister of Solidarity, Family and Women’s Issues, Mrs. And the representative of the Sonatrach complex, Director of Public Relations, Hammouche Abdel-Ghani, for receiving the first batches of the Algerian community at Abu Bakr Belkaid Airport in Chlef to spend the summer holidays in the summer camps that were attended by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The operation in which the Sonatrach complex ensured air transportation for the benefit of 900 children from the community residing in France, accompanied by 73 coaches, as all logistical conditions were harnessed to receive these children in several batches.

The reception process will take place through the flights of the Tassili Airlines, one of the branches of Sonatrach, through three airports, represented by Houari Boumediene Airport in the capital, Ahmed Ben Bella Airport in Oran, as well as Abu Bakr Belkaid Airport in Chlef, provided that they are transferred to reception centers and summer camps affiliated to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. for their summer vacation.

The process that started today and will continue until August 18, 2023 will be a unique opportunity for the Algerian community to strengthen their ties and pride in belonging to the motherland, as well as to learn more about the historical and cultural foundations of their country.

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