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In pictures… The visit of the Minister of Culture and Arts to the trainees in the cinematic workshops – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Minister of Culture and Arts, Souria Moulouji, made an encouraging visit to the trainees in the training workshops in the arts of the cinematographic and audiovisual industry within the closing workshop within the framework of the program accompanying the cinematic tours within the framework of the sixtieth independence year. Sofit, and the directing workshop under the supervision of Fouad Amyour, to be the second stop at the Algerian National Theater, where the acting workshop was supervised by Seif Eddine Ben Dar, and the conclusion of the visit was at the Higher Institute for Performing Arts and Audiovisual Professions in Bordj El Kiffan, where the installation and sound and image capture workshop was held under the supervision of Kamal Maksar. And the Minister had a meeting with the students of the Institute in this regard to confirm that the program of training workshops will continue after the success of the experiment that roamed various parts of the country.

The Director of Arts Development and Promotion, Shaddad Bzeih, was a representative of the Minister of Culture and Arts, Dr. Suriya Moulouji. This morning, he oversaw the launch of the eighth round of cinema training workshops organized by the Algerian Center for Cinema and the Algerian Center for Cinema Development during the period from 19 to 22 June, at the level of various spaces belonging to the culture sector. .

In a speech delivered by Mr. Shaddad Bzeih on her behalf, the Minister affirmed the continuation of the culture sector in sponsoring and supporting all noble endeavors aimed at serving and promoting the cinematic field in Algeria. His first attention and sponsorship of the cultural action and the artistic training of young people, especially in the artistic and cinematic sector, which, with his rational vision, occupied a great interest in the fact that film production and other audio-visual arts are the soft power of the homeland in the era of frantic competition between nations and the tremendous technological developments that we have to keep pace with with all the experiences of the people of Algeria While preserving the elements of the Algerian nation and its constants and authentic culture.

In her message, the Minister also emphasized the success of the training workshops for cinema, which confirms the extent of the Algerian youth’s passion for the seventh art, which makes the Ministry of Culture and Arts strive to make this successful experience a continuous and constant cultural and artistic tradition throughout the year in order to enhance the cinematic field with good training in all artistic disciplines as a service and promotion of production. cinema in Algeria.

For his part, the director of the Algerian Center for Cinema, Adel Makhlafia, reviewed in his speech the outcome of the cinema’s training tours that were held in eight states, such as Oran, Batna, Tizi Ouzou, Constantine, Bejaia, Tindouf and Annaba, which attracted nearly 4,000 thousand participants in various disciplines under the supervision of professors and specialists. In the field, where these workshops were widely successful thanks to the minister’s efforts to embody the principle of cultural justice through which the hopes of many amateurs of the seventh art were achieved in setting the first step for their many aspirations.

For reference, the works of the eighth round of training workshops for cinema continue until the 22nd of June, in which participants will benefit from theoretical and practical lessons in acting, directing, script writing, sound capture, image management and installation, at the level of various spaces belonging to the culture sector, similar to the Algerian National Theatre. Higher Institute of Performing Arts and Audiovisual Arts and the Algerian Cinema Museum.

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