Inauguration of the Separation and Decompression Center in Hassi Kattara – El Hewar Algeria

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Today, Thursday, the Prime Minister, Ayman Ben Abdelrahman, supervised, accompanied by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, and the President, General Manager of the “Sonatrach” group, Taoufik Hokkar, the inauguration of the Separation and Compression Center in Hassi Kattara, in the southern periphery of Hassi Messaoud, on the occasion of the commemoration of the double anniversary of the establishment of the General Union of Algerian Workers and the nationalization of hydrocarbons.

Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdul Rahman, accompanied by members of the government, visited this oil facility and its monitoring center. On this occasion, a number of personalities and state executives were honored, in gratitude for their great work, efforts and sacrifices, as well as their contributions to making the historic decision to nationalize hydrocarbons. On February 24, 1971, the late Rashid Thabeti, the late Sharif Qalal, and the late Rashid Zaghar are mentioned among them.

During his opening speech, after welcoming the Prime Minister and thanking him for honoring him with attending the commemoration of the double anniversary, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, addressed the workers and workers of the sector, and to all Algerian workers and workers, with his warmest congratulations and best wishes, thanking them for their tangible efforts for the sake of the country’s elevation and glory. .

The Minister also took this opportunity to stand a pause of appreciation, reverence and praise towards all those heroes, who showed initiative and perseverance in implementing the project of building a state that extends its effective sovereignty over oil and gas resources alike, according to the statement of the Ministry of Energy.

The minister also stressed that the decision to nationalize hydrocarbons on February 24, 1971 is considered a national historical event with distinction, which had international repercussions that had a profound impact on the global industry and international trade in hydrocarbons, and made Algeria, your peers, a model in the eyes of other oil and gas producing countries that followed the example. Algeria has paved the way for a new approach, recognized and followed by many, and the event was a revolution in political, economic and commercial relations. The minister added, “Here we are today, on the path of our heroic ancestors, as Algeria today has conquered its position and has a major role in the field of energy, and always a reliable and essential financier, thanks to whom generations after them were able to control, by their own efforts, an industry known until now as a monopoly of large international groups, and to achieve outstanding achievements in terms of discoveries, exploitation and development of fields as well as in the field of refining and enhancing export capabilities, relying on efficiency Patriotism and youthful energies.

The minister continued his speech, “Our presence here today, in Hassi Kattara, is the best evidence of the continuous positive path of the Sonatrach group, especially the full control of the value chains of the oil and gas industry, as well as the direct management and self-development of many energy installations and projects, from source to downstream, while stimulating solutions.” Digital and the exploitation of modern technologies and information systems for remote control and monitoring, as well as the significant development recorded in the performance of the implementation of contracts and projects, with doubling reliance on the local production tool, and the promotion and development of national integration.

And the Minister concluded his speech, “We can only be proud of the workers and workers of Algeria, and those with high determination and sincere hearts, and those who sought with all their strength to make the path of building and constructing the sector a success, and perhaps the best appreciation and honor for those who sacrificed for the sake of Algeria is to rise to the level of current challenges.” ».

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