The grandson of leader Nelson Mandela issues a statement responding to the Moroccan propaganda – the Algerian dialogue


Zwelivel Mandela, grandson of late South African leader Nelson Mandela, issued a statement responding to Moroccan propaganda.

The statement read: “We stand with the oppressed and oppressed around the world. Western Sahara is not exempt from this principled position. On the contrary, the Polisario Front has been a key ally in our long years of struggle against the brutal apartheid regime in South Africa.
On the other hand, the Moroccan government has not only supported the South African apartheid regime and its violation of sanctions for the illegal sale of arms to the Israeli apartheid regime, but despite the popular support of its people for Palestine, it remains a major ally in Africa to the Israeli-Zionist apartheid regime. .
Our position on Western Sahara, like Palestine and Kashmir, is personal, principled and informed by South African foreign policy, the decision of the African National Congress party conference on Western Sahara, international law and United Nations resolutions on Western Sahara, according to which Western Sahara is not part of Morocco and Morocco has no legal or territorial claim. Since the annexation is illegal under international law, it is null and void, and therefore Morocco is, from a legal point of view, an occupying power.
Morocco has an obligation to respect the right of the people of Western Sahara and to end the injustice and illegal occupation of Western Sahara, we have been very encouraged by the overwhelming support that the Palestinian struggle received during the FIFA World Cup 2022, so it is surprising that there are those who suffer from political intolerance when it comes to the suffering of the people of the Sahrawi Arab Republic Democracy and the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination.”
He added, “I call on the Moroccan people, who appeared during the World Cup in support of the Palestinian struggle, to also call on their government to fulfill its obligations under international law and not to deprive the Sahrawi people of their right to self-determination and human rights. Dignity for all is the principled position that President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela stood for throughout his life and which we continue to defend.
Our position on the occasion of the opening of the new Nelson Mandela stadium for the CHAN2023 African Cup of Nations was very clear and my message is directed to the Moroccan government to respect international law, end the occupation and respect the right of the Sahrawis to self-determination, we call on the Moroccan people to have as many principles on Western Sahara as it is on Palestine, We all have to take a stand and be witnesses of justice, even if it is against ourselves, against our parents and loved ones, or against the rich or the poor, we must stand up for the truth. We call on them to demand that their government end the occupation of Western Sahara and respect and uphold international law with respect to both Western Sahara and Palestine.
We note the withdrawal of the Moroccan national team from the Africa Cup of Nations that was held in Algiers, and instead, we call on the Moroccan government to withdraw from Western Sahara and earn the respect of the entire African continent and all freedom-loving peoples in the world, and finally we say that our freedom is still incomplete without the freedom of Western Sahara, The last colonial outpost in Africa must fall.

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