Dermanan is betting on expelling 4,000 “burners” this year!! Algerian Dialogue


The French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanan, confirmed working to enact a “firm law” to combat illegal immigration and facilitate the expulsion of thousands of “harragas”, and to continue working within weeks to end the legislative step.

In statements to the local press, the French Minister of the Interior stressed the arguments for a strict law against irregular immigration, which was paved for a full year before Emmanuel Macron ordered its postponement. Immigrants in French society, especially workers who work in the required profession in France.

Despite the wave of violent protests and demonstrations in French cities, rejecting the retirement reform law that Emmanuel Macron adheres to, in parallel with the programming of the immigration law for discussion in the Senate on March 28, Darmanan confirmed that the immigration bill will soon be revived and reconsidered by dividing it into several texts. Legal, and he said that the French Prime Minister is currently working with the heads of the councils, and a new discussion will take place on the immigration law within weeks, because according to him, France needs a strict law to confront illegal immigration, and in the context Gerald Dermanan talked about planning to get rid of 4000 “criminal immigrants” every year.

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