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Yesterday, Tuesday, the Paris police clashed with a group of hundreds of demonstrators who were leading a march attended by tens of thousands protesting against amending the pension system.

According to media reports, the French police used tear gas and batons to disperse the group.

The police resorted to violence against them after they stormed a grocery store and set fire to a garbage container before the protest march reached La Nacion Square.

And the Paris police headquarters stated that the security forces fired tear gas to disperse the demonstration and allow firefighting teams to intervene, noting that the number of those arrested reached 22 people.

According to the French Interior Ministry, 13,000 police and gendarmerie forces, including 5,500, were mobilized in Paris on the tenth day of protests over pension reform.

Protests against the amendment put forward by French President Emmanuel Macron, which specifically provides for raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 years, have worsened since the government adopted the text.

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The demonstrations witnessed increasing violence, during which police and gendarmerie personnel were wounded, and demonstrators were injured, and public buildings were burned.

The French President had confirmed, earlier, that he would move forward with the reforms he recently approved, ignoring the unions’ call to suspend the new pension law in light of one of the worst acts of violence in the country’s streets in years.


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