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Kamal Razik: We exported 42 million dollars in the field of packaging – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryya

The Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Kamal Rezik, revealed that the statistics of Algerian exports of packaging materials in the last two years amounted to 42 million dollars, equivalent to 21 million dollars per year, so that the value of plastic packaging materials increased by 36 percent, equivalent to 9 million dollars. Therefore, we recorded the highest value in this division.

The minister confirmed that the packaging materials have increased from “paper and cardboard,” to about $4.5 million, in addition to packaging materials made of various other materials such as “wood, foam, glass, metal, and other materials.”

In the same context, Razik said, “These materials have been exported to 57 destinations, led by “Tunisia, Libya and Turkey,” and to more than 150 active companies in this division.”

The first official in the merchants sector called on all actors in the field of packaging to visit the salon, and to learn about the importance of this division in exporting, as well as its creation of many job positions.

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