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Launching a digital platform for health data soon – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

Fella Ojida, Director of Joint Sectoral Coordination for Follow-up of Reforms at the National Agency for Health Security, revealed that a digital platform for health data will soon be launched, as a mechanism for alertness, vigilance, and the establishment of a forward-looking view of the health system.

Today, Wednesday, during the “Sabah Guest” radio program, Fella Ojida said that the bet of the new digital platform includes producing new indicators that guarantee health security and anticipation against upcoming shocks, and activates a good health model that keeps pace with the digital revolution by intensifying field investigations, improving the health system and achieving quality. Noting that work is underway with various sectors and associations to formulate a national strategy for health security.

The spokesperson stressed the importance of digitization in the health sector as an imperative to face the challenges, stressing that the National Agency for Health Security is in constant coordination with all partners. Ojida talked about the importance of changing the diet of citizens, and the interest in working on health indicators that take into account the specificities of each state and subjecting the establishment of health structures at the state level to this privacy.

Regarding the current epidemiological situation, Fella Oujida reassured that it is currently stable, but the follow-up continues through the vigilance cell of the epidemiological situation in the world, considering that achieving health security is linked to strengthening the production of medicines locally.

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