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Lieutenant General Al-Saeed Shangriha congratulates the successful baccalaureate graduates of the nation

After the announcement of the results of the baccalaureate exam for the June 2023 session, batches of the nation’s cubs schools recorded excellent results this year, as (713) cubs obtained this certificate with a success rate of 98.34%, where (18) cubs obtained a baccalaureate certificate with an “excellent” grade. And (185) cubs got a “very good” grade, and (265) cubs got a “good” grade, while the rest of the cubs got a “close to good” grade. As for the cubs, they achieved a 100% success rate.

It should be noted that the nation’s cubs in the mathematics division achieved a 100% success rate in this course, as the cub Bousaid Abdel Wahed from the nation’s cubs school in Oran got the first rate nationally in this division at a rate of 19.02.

These excellent and qualitative results reflect the special interest that the High Command of People’s National Army attaches to the schools of the nation’s juniors. It also reflects the high level that characterizes these schools, as well as the dedication of the teachers and the watchful staff to the excellence of the juniors, and the human, material and pedagogical means and potentials that the People’s National Army command harnesses for these schools.

On this occasion, Lieutenant General Saïd CHANEGRIHA, Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, extends his sincere congratulations to the successful people and their families and executives who contributed to the achievement of these honorable results, wishing them more success and brilliance.

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