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Mandatory electronic payment for British visa applicants – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Embassy of the United Kingdom in Algeria announced the modernization of the visa fee payment system for Algerians, starting from the 26th of April, where the electronic payment of visa fees will be mandatory.

The embassy stated in a statement that UK visa applications submitted in Algeria will be subject to online payment arrangements starting from April 26, while the option is currently available to pay cash at the visa application center or use the official website of the British government to make online payments.

The embassy confirmed that the decision to compulsory electronic payment of visa fees comes after a survey of deficiencies in the UK visa fee payment system in cash, and added that these changes aim to simplify the payment process and align Algeria with other major international markets. The Embassy’s Visa Service provides a new digital platform to apply for a UK visa online and provides customers with a safer and more convenient way to pay.

The UK Embassy in Algeria stated that customers wishing to apply for a UK visa must make an online payment on the official website of the British government before presenting their passport and biometric data at the visa application centre, and called on visa applicants to follow the correct payment method, and expressed their expression She apologizes to customers for any inconvenience that may be caused by these updates.

Regarding the number of visas, the embassy announced that the rate of British visas granted to Algerians in 2022 increased by 76 percent compared to 2021, as more than 19,000 Algerians obtained a British visa, which is a popular destination for study, work and tourism.

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