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Maulouji stresses the establishment of the Algerian Copyright Academy – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Today, the Minister of Culture and Arts, Suria Moulouji, held a working session at the National Bureau of Copyright and Related Rights, in the presence of the Director General and executives from the Bureau.

The Minister listened to a comprehensive presentation, by the way, presented by the Director General of the Bureau, “Samir Thaalbi”, 50 years after its establishment, which included an introduction to it, its tasks, structures and branches, in addition to its vision and future strategy.

Dr. Suria Moulouji gave strict instructions to control the new strategy of the Bureau and to define work priorities and files that require accelerating the pace of work on them in order to ensure the quality of services and raise the profitability of performance, which is all aimed at improving the status of artists and authors in Algeria, while she confirmed Especially the need to resort to digitizing all the Bureau’s dealings with its internal and external environment, in order to bring the administration closer to the citizen, and this is in implementation of the instructions of the President of the Republic, “Abdul Majeed Tebboune.”

The meeting also focused on many points, and concluded with a number of measures and outputs related to facilitating transactions with members and avoiding bureaucracy by activating the electronic permit, digital transformation by creating an effective governance model, which qualifies the Bureau to become a pioneer in the management and collective management of copyright and related rights, a proposal to establish An African Confederation of Copyright that includes the various bodies of the continent, establishing portals for the National Office of Copyright and Related Rights with the national community residing abroad through our diplomatic representations or our platforms to launch programs to join the Bureau, studying the feasibility of establishing a social medical center for the benefit of the members involved in the Bureau, which is responsible for following up on the achievement of this The social project to contribute to fulfilling the right of artists and to participate in the implementation of the social policy of the Ministry of Culture and Arts, creating a new directorate in the south of the country,

Establishing the Algerian Copyright Academy and introducing the regional office of “WIPO” in Algeria as a distinguished partner, carrying out a regional exploratory study to identify new sources of collection, developing an integrated action plan based on data from local authorities and the National Center for the Commercial Registry to increase the revenues of the office, launching awareness campaigns and raising awareness for the benefit of public exploiters about the importance their contributions to the respect of copyright and related rights,

Searching for new sources of collection through the development of mechanisms and procedures that oblige the exploiters to fulfill, and the development of a digital program to track the exploitation of works and performances.

Facilitate the different paths through digitization, analyze and interpret data in order to make the right decisions and better estimate needs in the future, draw up a list of Algerian experts in the field of copyright and propose them as trainers at the level of CISAC and WIPO, and copyright organizations in countries friendly to Algeria, create a working group with the aim of developing A new policy for social protection, reconsidering the distribution of Al-Diwan networks,

Establishing mobile structures for information, collection and recordings, ensuring the presence of the Bureau across universities (especially the faculties of legal and administrative sciences) in implementation of the agreement concluded between the Ministry of Culture and Arts and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, obligating the Bureau to submit reports on its status in all the states in which it is present, in order to support the Ministry of Culture and Arts In implementing the strategies of cultural and social policies.

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