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Minister of Health: The consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic are still visible – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

During his supervision of the opening of the work of the 58th session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Health, the Minister of Health said, “We must provide the League of Arab States, as the main engine of joint Arab action and its broader framework, with all the material and technical means necessary to perform its mission, drawing inspiration from lessons and lessons from the ordeals that we faced, especially The Covid 19 pandemic, which had consequences that are still visible.

The minister also expressed the extent of “Algeria’s pride in presiding over the work of this Council for the third consecutive period, after it led with success and success from the Almighty God in organizing the work of the thirty-first session “31” of the Council of the League of Arab States at the level of the summit held in Algeria on the first and second dates. From the month of November, where did their Excellencies, Majesties and Highnesses, the Algerian people participate in the celebration of the eternal national anniversary of the outbreak of the liberation revolution?

The minister stated that “this meeting is nothing but conclusive evidence of the existence of a sincere political will to take care of Arab issues and the problems that impede the progress of joint Arab action, especially in the health field. .

In his speech, the minister also talked about the health reforms that the same interests intend to carry out, to develop structures and frameworks for joint work in the health field and the methodology for its progress, in a way that achieves full support for our citizens, looking forward to advancing our relations and cooperation to the highest ranks, in order to achieve integration and integration between our countries.

The minister stressed that “achieving the goal inevitably passes through strengthening the bonds of Arab-Arab relations, employing the virtues of solidarity and cooperation, and fully advancing the vital interests that unite us,” noting, “The convening of this session is an opportunity that I take advantage of, to express my satisfaction with the launch of the joint reform process.” From this rostrum, I salute the contributions and ideas made by a number of Arab countries, including the vision presented by Algeria, out of its belief in the need to contribute to enriching health cooperation between countries through the establishment of the Arab Agency for Health Development based in Algeria, which will be a real platform for launching. Once again, joint collective Arab action and the consolidation of its bonds.

The same official indicated that Algeria, which has the honor of hosting the current regular session, attaches importance to the health sector, both in terms of capabilities, and it also pays great attention to bringing neighboring health institutions closer to the citizen by digitizing them and equipping them with all modern means in service of the public interest, while giving “the human element as a priority in the health system.” Where was it supported and taken care of throughout the entire national territory, and this allowed the expansion of the scope of checks and the most effective care for patients and companions.

In the same context, the Minister said, “The convening of this session under the title “Enhancing Health Security in order to improve the health of the population and prepare for any unknown pandemics” has included in its agenda very important topics, which will inevitably enable us to formulate constructive recommendations in various fields. Through the approach of joint action and the unification of Arab efforts to confront pests mainly by exchanging expertise and experiences, discussing the establishment of health bodies that would revive Arab cooperation, as well as issues related to intensifying efforts in all fields of health, especially disease control, health and environment, medical tourism and providing The necessary support for member states, as well as appreciating initiatives, experiences and other approaches.

The Minister expressed his hopes that the work of the session would be crowned with great success, and he also expressed his thanks to all the contributors to its convening, praising the struggle, sacrifices and struggle of all professionals in the health sector.

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