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Naseeb Complex encourages investment to promote the tourism sector – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

  • Djamel Nassib, President and General Manager of the Nassib Tourist Complex of Algiers and President of the Algerian Federation of Hospitality and Tourist Catering

  • Opening a private bank for tourism investors will reflect positively on tourism in our country

In an interview with the Algerian magazine Al-Hiwar, Jamal Nassib Al-Rais, General Manager of the Nassib Tourism Complex in Algeria, spoke President of the Federal Hotel and Tourist Catering, for launching tourism services in installments, within the framework of an agreement it had with Al Salam Bank. He also appealed to the President of the Republic to facilitate tourism investment in our country, especially in the Algerian Sahara, which is a destination for foreign and Algerian tourists. Nassib also shed light on the Algerian Federation of Hotel and Tourism, which saw the light in September 2022 under his presidency, stressing that it seeks to place its hand in the hands of the Algerian state and government to advance the tourism sector in Algeria.

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  • Under the slogan “Let’s get to the bottom”, the Nassib Tourism Complex of Algeria, in cooperation with Al-Salam Bank, proposes an offer to Algerian families with low incomes for travel and tourism in convenient installments. Tell us more about this offer?

Within the framework of investing in domestic tourism, we, as the Nassib Tourism Complex of Algeria, submitted a request to Al Salam Bank in January 2022, where we put forward the idea of ​​“my tourism in installments, especially since Al Salam Bank had previously launched “My Umrah in installments”, and thank God, the Nassib Complex concluded with Al Salam Bank the first An agreement in the month of June 2022, and I take the opportunity to thank the President and General Manager of Al Salam Bank, Mr. Nasser Haidar, for his confidence in the Nassib Tourism Complex of Algeria. It is true that we faced some difficulties in the first place, especially with regard to the tourism culture of some Algerians, as they often schedule their holidays at the last moment. However, after concluding our contract with Al-Salam Bank, we introduced a culture of saving among citizens who wish to spend their vacation in installments. Where can these people open an account in Al-Salam Bank for a year with an amount of 30,000 DZD, and through it we program his vacation inside the country, and here I point out that this program of ours is at the heart of Encouraging and reviving domestic tourism, knowing that our country has significant tourism facilities, and the Algerian is a person who is a gourmet and loves travel and entertainment, but he often encounters the problem of high prices, especially with the many burdens that fall upon him, but through the “My Tourism” program, which we decided to launch in cooperation with the Bank Peace, we have made the holiday program possible and accessible to all Algerian families. Thank God, we have received many requests and have contracted with the National Organization of the Army and the Rights Owners Organization and with several large companies that have contracts with us and the Salam Bank to promote domestic tourism.

  • How do you evaluate the winter desert tourism season 2022-2023?

If we speak in the language of numbers and what social media promotes, we say, praise be to God, for the Algerian has become very acquainted with the culture of desert tourism, to the extent that we faced pressure in requests and we were unable to provide beds for all tourists, especially in Timimoun, Tamanrasset and Djanet, and here I open a parenthesis to say As long as the area of ​​​​Algeria is large and full of all tourism elements, and so that we can promote domestic tourism and the desert season, I appeal to the President of the Republic in order to support domestic tourism, especially desert tourism, and support air prices, Djanet – Algeria, Timimoun – Algeria – Tamanrasset – Algeria, Oran – Algiers-Annaba-Algeria At least, the transportation price should not exceed 5000 DZD, round trip.

We hope that the book of conditions that the Algerian state is promoting to investors will see the light soon. Here I open a second bracket for my appeal to the President of the Republic as an Algerian investor about a tourist village in “Al-Arahat” in the state of Tipaza. It has been operating since 2018 and is ready and equipped with everything. It has all licenses and documents and it used to employ 50 workers. However, the state and the municipality referred me to justice and I am the owner of the right. How can we talk about investment when the Algerian investor is still suffering from obstacles and an area like Al-Arhat is devoid of tourist facilities? I mean, on the one hand, the Algerian vacationer cannot find a bed to spend his summer vacation, and investors are facing obstacles to investing in the field of tourism. Therefore, I appeal to the president to solve for us the problem of the “Al-Arhat” village of the Naseeb complex. Algeria tourism in Tipaza.

As for foreign tourists, we thank the President of the Republic for the facilities that affected foreigners’ visas, but they remain insufficient, because European or Gulf and Arab customers in general will go to Algeria for a winter vacation in the desert. In the field to receive the foreign tourist who has his own and many requirements? Therefore, I appeal to the President of the Republic to support travel to the desert and to solve the problem of the plane ticket, because the most expensive ticket is the desert ticket, especially since the train project will not be ready today or tomorrow.

My appeal also to the Minister of Commerce regarding investors who want to import supplies for their tourist villages or can they meet their needs when they face obstacles in terms of import?

  • Does the agreement that brings together the Algerian tourism industry and the Peace Bank enter into the endeavor to revive domestic tourism, towards which the Algerian state is heading?

Domestic tourism is the only one that can absorb the problem of unemployment, as it creates many jobs. This means that if tourism flourishes in our country, we will bring back the Algerian tourists who travel abroad to spend their holidays and take their money abroad.

The only solution is to take a sovereign decision to ease the obstacles facing investors and open a private bank for investors, just like the Savings and Housing Bank established by the President of the Republic. In all countries, the Tourism Investment Bank is available, which would reflect positively on tourism in our country. There is also another problem that arises strongly, which is the areas of tourism expansion in which a major problem arises today, as there are a number of areas for tourism expansion that are not exploited, because the investor cannot take a piece of land that is not equipped, because he will find himself facing great obstacles to supplying it with water and gas. And electricity, and these are all responsibilities that lie with the state, which has to equip tourism investment areas.

  • Does the same payment offer in installments apply to Umrah trips?

Indeed, Umrah in installments is included in our agreement with Al-Salam Bank, as we signed the agreement in June 2022, and by the way, we ask Al-Salam Bank to also open the way for foreign medical tourism, just like Umrah.

  • What is the payment form and duration? Is it compatible with the legal rulings?

The repayment period is up to 24 months, but the 3 months following the loan are exempt from repayment, after which the gradual repayment begins. According to scholars, this loan is 100 percent compatible with the provisions of Sharia, and there is no suspicion of usury, and this formula is called Murabaha.

  • How do you assess the demand for Umrah, especially as we are at the gates of the holy month of Ramadan?

There are many requests, but we are facing the problem of expensive airline prices, and we only have two direct lines that do not fulfill the purpose, so we hope to open the sea line to support Umrah trips and perform Hajj rituals, and thus the prices of Umrah and Hajj will drop directly.

  • Is it according to the Nassib Tourism Complex of Algeria to meet all requests for Umrah?

Praise be to God, we succeeded in this to a large extent, because the Nassib Tourism Complex of Algeria has great experience in the field since 1990. We previously participated a lot in Hajj and Umrah trips, but this time we did not do that, because we want to take care of the Hajj trips in all their details, because this is one of the core of our tasks. And we affirm that we did not participate and did not withdraw the book of conditions for Hajj for this year because the conditions that the National Office for Umrah and Hajj worked in despite our respect for them, but we as specialists in Umrah and Hajj since 1990 have another view, which is that the National Office for Umrah and Hajj remain as a supervisor and observer, as is the case in Umrah As private individuals, we supervise all services from beginning to end, and let competitors compete and keep the state supervising and not regulating. We also aspire to give an opportunity to the Algerian Federation of Hotel and Tourist Catering by the National Office of Hajj and Umrah and the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments to be with the committee to select hotels and cater to pilgrims given the experience it possesses in the field.

  • You recently announced the official establishment of the Algerian Federation of Hospitality and Tourist Catering. To what extent will this body serve the tourism sector?

The Algerian Federation of Hotel and Tourist Catering was established in September 2022. Thank God, I was elected at the head of the federation by the bureau and all the members of the federation who chose the Nassib complex. Thanks are extended to the President of the Republic, who opened the door wide for civil society, including federations and associations, to play its role. Our goal is to put our hand in the hands of the Algerian state to advance the sector, settle the problems of hotels and restaurants, and find solutions to the sector that is floundering in several problems, and this is the role of the federation today. We also have a program Special for 2023, where we will receive foreign delegations with whom we have partnerships, and we will move to some foreign countries as well, and this will serve us in developing and promoting tourism in our country.

  • What is your strategy through this federation to upgrade tourism services in our country to a decent level?

The federation demanded one thing, which is training, because the problem of training in the field of hotel and catering still exists in our country, and although the Algerian is naturally cheerful and welcomes foreigners, the matter goes beyond a smile and requires real training in this field in order to raise services to a decent level.

  • Does Mr. Jamal Nassib intend to exploit the federation to embody the tourism development strategy that was included in the program of the President of the Republic?

We are with the president’s program that he outlined and with the Algerian government, and we are not against any decision taken by the president. On the contrary, we support his decisions and put a hand in the hand for the advancement of the sector, and this federalism was created to support the program of the President of the Republic and the Algerian government.

  • How do you see the future of tourism in our country and what about the future of the Supreme Council for Tourism?

The future of tourism is in the hands of its children, and it will not be in the hands of intruders who have nothing to do with the tourism sector, because that will tire us and harm us. The sector will only rise with the help of its children, and I believe that the people of the sector must be given the opportunity to advance it. The sector has experience in the field, and it is better for it to have higher degrees, especially in the field of tourism.

  • A final word for Mr. Jamal Nassib?

I thank the staff of Al-Hiwar magazine and the President and General Manager, Mr. Mohamed Yaqoubi, for his support for tourism. I wish more prosperity for our country and the tourism sector, especially the south of Algeria, which still needs 5-star tourist villages, because the tourist is looking for high-end services and comfort, whether the tourist is Algerian or foreign, and I hope for continuity. To the President of the Republic through a new mandate to ensure the stability, security and prosperity of our country.

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