The Algerian Judicial Council… The sentence of 3 years in prison for Abdelkader Ben Massoud – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia


The tenth criminal chamber of the Algerian Judicial Council upheld the ruling issued by the Criminal Court specialized in financial and economic corruption cases in Sidi Mhamed, which condemns the former Minister of Tourism, Ben Masoud Abdel Kader, in his capacity as the former governor of the state of Tsemsilt, to a penalty of 3 years in prison and 200,000 DZD as a fine. With the issuance of other verdicts that ranged between innocence and two years in prison for the rest of the accused, including 4 investors in the state of Tsimsilt.

The case also relates to 4 investors illegally using agricultural plots of land and converting them into industrial activity.

These rulings came after they were charged with corruption, which is granting undue privileges and squandering public funds. And misuse of the job in a way that violates laws and regulations.

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