Sidi M’hamed court.. 3 years in prison for Abdelkader Zoukh and 10 years in prison for Belkasir’s son


Today, Thursday, the National Financial and Economic Criminal Pole of the Sidi M’hamed Court in Algiers convicted Belkasir Rafik Bahaa Eddine, son of the former commander of the National Gendarmerie, Ghali Belkasir, to 10 years in prison and a fine of 1 million dinars, with the support of the international arrest warrant against him to follow up with his company. A number of businessmen and the former governor of Algeria, Abdelkader Zoukh, on corruption-related charges.

In the same case, the two defendants, Hebri Abdul Qadir and Omar bin Abdullah, were convicted of 6 years in prison and a fine of one million dinars, in addition to a penalty of the same fine and 4 years in prison against each of the defendants, Hamina Youssef and Adou Jamal.

And the former governor of Algeria, Abdelkader Zoukh, was convicted of 3 years in prison and a fine of 200,000 dinars, while another defendant benefited from his innocence.

In the same case, it was decided to confiscate all property, real estate, and bank accounts seized in the framework of this case, and obliging the follow-up companies to pay 32 million dinars.

They were charged with obtaining privileges and benefiting from the influence of state agents and public officials, inciting officials, money laundering within the framework of an organized criminal group, and violating the legislation on exchange and capital movement to and from abroad.

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