Algeria Judicial Council.. Postponement of the “Global Complex” car case to the 12th of this month – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia


Today, Sunday, the Sixth Criminal Chamber of the Capital Judicial Council postponed the trial of the businessman and owner of the “Global” car complex, Hassan Al-Arabawi, to the date of March 12, at the request of the defense authority.

Al-Arabawi is following his brother, each of the accused arrested in Al-Harrach prison, “Youssef Arabawi.” And Lazhar Arabawi, who is detained in Batna prison. In addition to the accused family members who are not under arrest, the matter relates to the wife of Arabawi Hassan and his son-in-law.

The Arabawi brothers and members of his family are also being pursued on charges of corruption related to concealing and disposing of proceeds resulting from corruption crimes seized by the judiciary, in addition to money laundering, embezzlement of private sector funds and property, use of the facilities granted by the concerned activity, and violation of the exchange law and the movement of capital to and from abroad. .

The case was programmed before the council body, after appealing the judicial rulings issued by the Court of First Instance at the penal pole specialized in economic and financial cases, which convicted the aforementioned defendants with varying sentences ranging from 10 years in prison, a fine of 3 million and acquittal.
The ruling also included the confiscation of all real estate, property, bank accounts, and illegal returns seized by the investigating judge. And if it were transferred to the assets of the convict branches, with the confiscation of the forged amount of money estimated at 800 dollars.

The court also obligated the legal persons to impose an effective financial fine of 32 million dinars. And accepting the establishment of the judicial agent for the public treasury and obligating the Al-Arabawi family to pay compensation of 10 billion dinars and between 100 thousand dinars and two million dinars to the rest of the defendants.

Hassan Al-Arabawi and those with him appeared before the criminal pole judge, following the disposal of funds and property resulting from corruption crimes, affecting the “Global Group” car complex, which was subject to confiscation by a judicial ruling endowed with an executive formula to serve their own interests.

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