Starting to extract two million tons of iron ore from the Ghar Jbeilat mine – Al-Houwar, Algeria


The Assistant General Director of the National Iron and Steel Corporation “Feral” Reda Belhaj announced today, Wednesday, the start soon of iron ore processing in Gara Jbeilat, with a production capacity of two million tons within the limits of 2025.
Belhaj said on the national radio waves, on the occasion of the launch of the first edition of the activities of the International Salon of Iron, Steel and Mining Materials, that “the signing will take place during the first semester of 2023 with a foreign partner to start processing iron ore in Gara Jbeilat, which will allow, as a first step, to extract large quantities of this material.” “.
He also explained that “the first unit will extract no less than one million tons of iron ore, and after that there will be a second unit with a second foreign partner, which is the Chinese partner. It will allow the extraction of at least one million tons in the near term, and in the horizons of 2025 we will extract two million tons of iron ore from the mine.
For reference, the first edition of the International Exhibition of Iron, Steel and Mining Materials kicked off on Tuesday at the Exhibition Palace in Al-Snobar Al-Bahari in the capital, and its effectiveness will last until the 16th of March.

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