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The Culture, Information and Tourism Committee of the National People’s Assembly has accepted the proposed amendment to Article 4 of the draft organic law on media, related to the condition of possession of Algerian nationality only for investment in the media sector.

And according to the owner of the proposal for the amendment, the representative of the national community in the council, Abdel-Wahhab Yaqoubi, the restriction on investment in the media sector has been lifted by opening investment in the field of media to all Algerians, including those residing abroad, after Article 4 excluded them in its first version, where the word was deleted. “only” in the nationality clause. In the context, the amendment, according to the supplementary report that adopted the proposal, provides for the deletion of the word “only” in order to “attract Algerian competencies residing abroad and benefit from their experience and financial capabilities in developing and opening up the media sector.”

And according to the new text, “media activities are carried out by the media affiliated to: public bodies and public sector institutions, standard parties, associations and trade union organizations within the limits permitted by the laws regulating them, natural persons of Algerian nationality and legal persons subject to Algerian law and whose capital is owned by natural persons of nationality.” Algerian companies or legal persons subject to Algerian law, whose shareholders or partners enjoy Algerian nationality, and the shares referred to in this platform are nominal.

It is expected that the deputies of the National People’s Assembly will approve tomorrow, Tuesday, in a public session, the draft organic law for the media.

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