Stability is a platform set by President Tebboune to achieve the great goal – Algerian dialogue


It has become established beyond any doubt that the new Algeria has turned into a bright reality that dark mentalities and hands of distortion could not obliterate with outdated methods, and they also no longer deceive Algerian women and men who see their country regaining its prestige, status and strength regionally and internationally.

Among the greatest achievements that have been achieved in the new Algeria, under the leadership of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, is stability, which has become a registered mark in all levels and fields, despite some pitfalls here and there, and light tremors in some sectors that the President does not miss, so he hastens his directives. And his instructions to rectify and correct it.

Stability is no longer in the culture of the new Algeria, that broad headline behind which failure and impotence are hidden, and its exploitation to camouflage and divert attention. It is difficult for many countries to bear, but Algeria, which is strong with its people, was able to do that.

Abroad as well as at home, the approach is the same for the President of the Republic. The stability achieved is the fruit of the dialogue that he devoted and was keen to sponsor personally. He does not hesitate in every opportunity to call for it, whether his ministers open channels of discussion with social partners or heads of diplomatic missions to dialogue and listen to members of the community. Patriots abroad who make up the solid back bases for their country.

Stability in the culture of the new Algeria represents the battle of major challenges, as it transcends its traditional notion that it is the opposite of chaos. To direct the government in the cabinets to put the citizen at the center of its interests by implementing programs and projects of interest and priority to him, in line with the presidential program specified in the 54 commitments.

The knowledge of the President of the Republic that stability is the pillar of reforms was manifested through strict directives and instructions at the last meeting of the Council of Ministers, so that this great goal will not be achieved except by approaching the citizen, so the presidential order came to reduce government meetings except for necessity and direct all efforts to the field and the disembarkation of members of the government to the states within A specific calendar, based on priority, in development and the daily vital concerns of citizens.

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And because procrastination and making promises without implementing them impede the achievement of stability, the head of state issued a stern warning to his ministers against making unfounded promises to citizens within unreasonable deadlines and incomprehensible mechanisms, stressing strict respect for citizens and public feeling, since the satisfaction of the people is the only measure of good performance to build Algeria. Majestic and powerful.



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