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One billion dollars for the development of Africa as the Marshal 2 project – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Nasira Syed Ali

A group of experts in economic affairs revealed the mystery and ambiguity regarding the billion US dollars allocated by Algeria for the benefit of the Algerian Agency for International Cooperation for Solidarity and Development, directed to finance development projects in African countries, as they assured the “dialogue” that such a decision would benefit our economic institutions in Various fields through its participation in finding a space for it to practice its activities in African countries, which mainly aims to win the bet of the African economy…

Algeria will strengthen its presence in the African space economically

According to the approach of the economist, Dr. Bouhous Bouchikhi, in his statement to Al-Hiwar, that the Algerian Agency for International Cooperation for Solidarity and Development is affiliated with the Presidency of the Republic, and that this step was extended by the Algerian state – according to him – that the African governments that joined this project have nothing but progress. To the previous agency for requesting development, such as setting up economic projects in these countries, such as establishing iron facilities or requesting some goods. The agency obtains requests and assigns Algerian companies, public or private, to invest in these countries. In this case, Algeria will remotely manage the debts of the countries benefiting from the project. He likened this project to the economic Marshall Project that was put forward by the United States of America after World War II 1947, to rebuild Europe that was ravaged by the war, which was estimated at 20 billion US dollars, provided that the institutions concerned with this process are American institutions, which later made America as He said a locomotive leads the world, and accordingly the same expert believes that there are many large projects in our great south extending towards Africa, such as the railway project that will extend north Its network crosses the Greater African Desert, Algeria, Burkina Faso, and it is also linked to Senegal, as well as a wall or the Green Belt, … and other projects that will enhance Algeria’s role in Africa.

All forces must be mobilized to make this sound decision a success

In the same context, the economist Dr. Bouhous Bousheikhi explained that it is well known in international finance that when a country wants to encourage its national institutions and national production, it offers loans or international aid abroad, provided that those concerned with aid or lending use those lines of lending to order goods. services from the lending country. Algeria’s move to provide one billion dollars to the countries of Africa will have a very big impact, but rather an accelerator for the Algerian national economy. Rather, it will resurrect economic units in the field of medicines, home and electronic appliances, mechanics, clothing, shoes, food industries, and various building materials such as iron, cement, and other hardware, which Algeria has on Production structures across the entire national territory. We only hope that the Ministry of Industry enlists for this decision. It is the Marshall 2 project in Algeria. How do you know what Algeria is the continent? Which is estimated at 140 billion Algerian dinars, pumped into the national economy and through which the national product will be drained, that is, all surpluses will be absorbed, and there will be no recession in certain products, as what happened to our people in Wadi Souf, the recession of potato and garlic products …. also other crops across the entire national territory … we hope The government and the authorities must mobilize for this correct decision.

Daghman: The $1 billion given to Africa is not a gift

For his part, the economist Dr. Zoubir Daghman confirmed to Al-Hiwar that Algeria’s announcement of allocating 1 billion dollars is a decision that serves Algeria as a soft power, towards African countries, and a very important amount in accordance with the third birthday of the establishment of the Algerian Agency for International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity, which was established The year 2020, according to him, is an enhancement of the presence of the State of Algeria in the brown continent, and this can be considered, as he said, a strategic choice as a country with a sovereign decision that serves the development of Africa, and the emphasis on this amount will be allocated to social investment projects of the nature of integration and development, and not as it seems to everyone that it A random gift or subsidy, and that it will be used according to criteria, studies and systematic plans by experts and specialists, which makes this process double-beneficial, as it serves African countries on the one hand, and it is a form of cooperation, solidarity and integration, and on the other hand Algeria will also benefit Significantly in terms of moral and applied in the economic and political field and inter-cooperation.

The granting of funds will be made in accordance with the standard of development requirements

The expert, Zubir Dagman, added that, as an economist, even the way in which these funds will be granted differs from the traditional methods, but rather it will be according to a major strategic vision and according to development needs framed by a rich program through social, economic and political investments, projects of an integrative nature, and a means of social development. And cultural, health, educational and educational, in order to achieve precise goals under the slogan of Companion of the African Path, which will make Algeria – according to him – on the other hand, Algeria will return to the African continent strongly in terms of the political atmosphere and wants to confirm once again its strong return in the political-economic field on the continent African actions, not slogans, but according to great strategies in the economic and political field in the field of decision-making that develops the development of Africa, which made the president’s decision an important decision for many reasons, including symbolic reasons that serve Algeria’s sovereignty in drawing up foreign policy with its priority, goals and striving towards Redirecting it towards the African continent, as a priority in external action and moving towards the center of normative power as we were previously, and to a power of influence inside Africa, where it will place Algeria, as he said. Within Africa, development and integration is an important plan and a means that Algeria resorts to for certain countries within the African region to achieve specific and multiple goals, but these steps are all based on advancing economic activity in the right direction and at the necessary speed, to achieve ambitious growth rates that can lead to narrowing the gap The wide range of living standards in African countries with fragile economies and in other developing countries.

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