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Today, Friday, the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, held the periodic media meeting with representatives of the national press, in which he responded to all the concerns raised by the citizen through the media, and clarified a number of points that were raised recently, especially those related to his dissatisfaction with the government’s performance.

President Tebboune said that talking about him being angry and dissatisfied is a correct observation, and he certainly attributed this to the delay in implementing directives with flimsy justifications, similar to what was related to the embodiment of the digitization project in all sectors, which he has been calling for for three years and has not been achieved, and in the context he was accused indirectly. Some parties are served by the current ambiguity that prevents access to accurate information and figures, and he said, “Digitization will be embodied by will or by force,” adding that the problem has been going on for twenty years, although Algeria received a donation of millions of dollars for the digitization of all sectors, and he stressed that whoever obstructs digitization bureaucracy serves him.

Algeria is not heaven, but it is not hell

President Tebboune regretted, in his speech, about the harm caused by some Algerians to the homeland, and said that these people harm their homeland more than the foreigner, adding, “Algeria is not a paradise, but it is not a hell either … it has problems that it solves like other countries,” and stressed in the context that the protests in Algeria It shrank after it was driven by corrupt money and there is evidence of that. The president stressed that the awareness of the Algerians and their refusal to bow down makes Algeria difficult to bring it into instability because it is still being targeted. The president said that the people support their country, but there are those whose affiliation is not Algerian, despite the price that the martyrs paid for this country. Non-governmental organizations and intelligence services, but he “will not submit to these matters.” The president talked about continuous attempts to destabilize Algeria approximately every five years, and called on Algerians to be strong and defend their homeland because embassies will not give the means to defend Algeria, and he said, “Defend your country, embassies will not give you the means to defend your homeland, be strong.”

I did what no president did, and many are waiting for 2024, and the one who understands understands…

The president spoke frankly about obstructing reform efforts and improving the life of the citizen by obstructing his interests and creating scarcity that is supposed to not exist in view of the local production and the permitted import of non-locally manufactured materials, and he said, “There are some behaviors that indicate the existence of domination and the existence of scarcity means that there are things Manage at night, and I pledge to restore the prestige of the state.” He added that there are some officials who aim at austerity, but they must not create a crisis or scarcity. He also talked about the inability of some officials in management under the pretext of fear of signing despite the guarantees he gave, and he sent a message to those saying, “He who is not suitable for the position should not accept it,” instead of providing illogical justifications. The president was frank when he talked about the obstruction of the citizen’s interests by some to push him to give bribes in exchange for obtaining a service that was originally his right, as if it was signed by an administrative interest. In the context, the president considered that corruption is a moral aberration, and the Algerians should be convinced of that and not wait for a white hands campaign, stressing that the corruption files in justice are old and date back to 2019.

The president talked about the reforms that he launched 3 years ago and said that he had done what no president had done, but according to him there are officials who are obstructing the reforms, and “there are those who are waiting for 2024, and the one who understands understands.” Stressing that he committed to a program and must be implemented

The president also criticized the way the illegally constructed buildings file was managed. It was possible to find a way out in some cases without the intervention of the governors for demolition and expulsion in a chapter in which this is originally prohibited. The President pledged to combat the phenomenon of appropriation of state lands through a special law that will be introduced, while the file of illegal buildings will be given to the Ministry of Housing and the Interior, and it will also be investigated.

If I wanted to close the media field, I would close it commercially… Al-Khabarjiyya is forbidden

President Tebboune responded to accusations promoted by some regarding the media harassment, and said that if he wanted to close the media field, he would close it commercially, given that many newspapers do not commit to paying the dues of the public printing press and print copies of insults and insults, and this is prohibited, and he confirmed that he does not accept guardianship over the media from anyone by saying “The news is forbidden, and the Trojan horse is forbidden.” The President expressed his willingness to allocate a budget for training journalists and advancing the press, given that democracy is not built by defamation, indicating that there is a media directed at defamation and extortion, and this is unacceptable.

Regarding the comprehensive strike called by unions to protest against the new union law, the president affirmed his continuation in the purification effort, pointing to the existence of a great chaos that must end, and said, “Is it reasonable for the number of unions in one ministry to reach 35 … and for a school principal to be a union president?” . He emphasized that the law that allowed it was enacted when Algeria was at its nadir, pointing out that the union right is constitutionally guaranteed and unions have the right to protest.

European countries naively believe that Algeria can be controlled

On the diplomatic level, President Tebboune spoke about Algeria’s diplomatic philosophy, which is based on non-alignment, interest and sovereignty in the decision, and said that “some European countries naively think that Algeria can be controlled … Algeria is free and we defend our interest and our interest with Italy,” and he returned to talk about The legacy of this relationship and the beauty of Italy towards Algeria during the black decade. The president refused to respond to the circulating news regarding his campaign during his visit to Moscow next May to resolve the crisis with Ukraine, saying, “There are secret diplomatic matters, but Algeria’s relationship with Ukraine is normal, and the Algerian embassy in Kiev will reopen.”

Regarding the strained relations with Spain, the president said that Spain made a mistake and Algeria is not responsible for the bad relations, nor does it expect anything from the Spanish side, expressing his regret for that. He said, “I regret the bad relations with Spain, and it is not our responsibility. I do not wait for anything, because what they did is not the behavior of friends.”

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