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President Tebboune: We have to be more vigilant and work to eliminate the Algerian Bailek-Hiwar mentality

The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, affirmed that “celebrating the 61st anniversary of Independence and Youth Day constitutes a renewed station in which we sense the size and nobility of the efforts expected from all of us at all levels and locations, and it calls us for more vigilance and work to permanently eliminate the concepts of subordination and the mentality of the beylik.”

The President of the Republic, in a message he sent to the Algerian people on the occasion of the anniversary of the restoration of national sovereignty, which coincides with today, Wednesday, July 5, considered that Algerian youth have fully integrated into the goals of the new era, the precursors of which have become clear, adding that this is translated by the escalating movement of national and foreign investment and the increasing tendency to valorize The value of work and effort. In the context, President Tebboune stressed in the text of his message to the people that this “renewed station and the glorious day crowning an eternal epic in the history of peoples’ struggle for freedom and independence calls us, in this particular circumstance, to more vigilance and work to win the bet of shifting towards new, contemporary patterns of thinking and management.” And management completely eliminates the concepts of dependency, rent, and the mentality of the beylik that wastes national wealth.”

President Tebboune referred to the increasing tendency to value the value of work, effort, and involvement in the world of entrepreneurship and the knowledge economy by establishing small and medium enterprises, thanks to the incentives launched by the authorities to encourage the spirit of innovation and youth creativity, and to accompany the owners of ideas carrying investment projects among the Algerian youth, who have always demonstrated a high sense of patriotism and loyalty to the message of the martyrs. The righteous.

President Tebboune, after having mercy on the souls of our righteous martyrs, who with their huge sacrifices stood up to the hateful colonialism until they raised the banner of independence and freedom, saluted and appreciated the mujahideen, men and women. The martyrs and Mujahideen stationed with pride and dignity on the fronts and fronts in defense of the homeland and the nation. And the President of the Republic renewed his sincere will to fulfill the precious confidence of the army to advance our dear country and the concerted efforts of the loyal patriots and the awareness and commitment of our youth who are jealous of Algeria to the ranks of the emerging countries and to the position it deserves and the sacrifices of the righteous martyrs and the valiant Mujahideen.

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