Prime Minister: The battle of today’s generation is the battle to achieve security and the energy transition for Algeria – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

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On the 52nd anniversary of the nationalization of hydrocarbons, the Prime Minister, Ayman bin Abdelrahman, stressed the need for the sector to address several challenges, the most important of which is improving the tools of good governance (an energy model and an effective information system, digitization and cybersecurity), and strengthening relations and economic cooperation with neighboring countries, the European Union and organizations. International, stressing that the battle of today’s generation is the battle to achieve security and the energy transition to Algeria.

In his speech, on the occasion, from the state of Ouargla, Ben Abdelrahman said that he is confident and certain that “the sector’s executives, workers and workers are able, thanks to the expertise and experience they have gained, to overcome all difficulties and face the challenges that await us, in order to achieve the goals related to the renewal of our oil and gas reserves and their embodiment on on the ground, developing manufacturing projects, and valuing them to contribute to the economic and social development of our beloved country.” In the context, the spokesman stressed that “Algeria has great potential in terms of oil and gas reserves, which are still relatively unexplored, and this is what made us put the intensification of exploration and research efforts at the heart of our strategy,” adding that “the new hydrocarbons law would lead to doubling the opportunities Launching exploration projects, especially with foreign partnerships, and thus renewing our hydrocarbon reserves, which will enable us to raise the country’s capabilities in terms of production and export.”

On the sixty-seventh anniversary of the founding of the General Union of Algerian Workers, and the fifty-second nationalization of hydrocarbons, the Prime Minister recalled the sacrifices of those who lived through that difficult period, and the executives, workers and workers of the energy sector who raised the challenge following the announcement of the historic nationalization of hydrocarbons on February 24, 1971, by ensuring The continuity of operating facilities and production after the departure of foreigners, and the continuation of efforts to expand and develop research and exploration in order to enhance Algeria’s production of hydrocarbons, and the aspiration to develop this sector into a lofty edifice harnessed to serve the interests and development of our country. And “those distinguished patriots, led by the martyr Aissat Idir, who were able, in the midst of a fierce war against the colonialists, to establish the General Union of Algerian Workers, which was and remains a fortress for trade union struggle to defend the interests of workers and defend their legitimate rights,” adding that the decision to nationalize Historical hydrocarbons have allowed Algeria to extend its sovereignty over its oil and gas fields and pipeline transport facilities, and to use its revenues to finance development projects in basic sectors, such as education, health, infrastructure and technology, and to use them effectively for the benefit of the people.

Algeria has the potential to reach a prominent position in the energy sector

Ben Abdelrahman said that Algeria, with the help of the workers of the hydrocarbon sector, was able to acquire enormous capabilities, which enabled it to establish an oil and gas base comparable to its counterparts from the fuel exporting countries, thanks to the large industrial facilities it possesses in the field of oil refining, petrochemical industries, pipeline transport, as well as export. Whether through pipelines that connect our country to the countries of the northern bank of the Mediterranean basin, or through liquefied natural gas carriers, which Algeria is considered one of the pioneers of this industry by launching the first natural gas liquefaction plant in the world “La Kamal” in Arzew, in the early sixties of the last century. These efforts have led to the exploitation of more than 620 oil and gas fields, and the enhancement of the national production of hydrocarbons, which has increased by more than three times since the anniversary of the nationalization of hydrocarbons, to reach today about 200 million tons of oil equivalent, especially natural gas, which contributed to strengthening Algeria’s role as an active player. major in the international arena. These efforts have also made it possible to cover the needs of the internal market for energy materials and to contribute significantly to financing the economic and social development programs of the country thanks to the revenues of our hydrocarbon exports.

The Prime Minister stressed that the current circumstance is special and characterized by multiple developments, economic, energy and geopolitical. The issue of energy has become at the forefront of the international scene, as one of the main drivers for the development of the economies of countries, which has led to the endeavor of most countries to ensure their security with energy supplies, and to enhance competitiveness and economic capacity, as well as On environmental performance, which is currently among the most important issues in the international arena. This requires us – adds the Prime Minister – “to find the best ways and the most appropriate solutions to meet the growing demand for energy, in a sustainable and economic manner, while preserving environmental systems.” In this regard, by virtue of being the largest producer of natural gas in Africa and the third supplier of natural gas to Europe, which in turn is the most important market for Algerian gas. This explains the close relations and permanent dialogue between Algeria and its counterparts from consuming countries, such as the European Union countries, with the aim of enhancing security. Energy and the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

We have to impose Algeria as a strategic supplier of energy in the world

The Prime Minister announced the “intensification of exploration efforts to increase our reserves, to meet the growing needs of the local market and to strengthen our position as an effective and reliable leader in the regional and international markets,” stressing that Algeria has demonstrated, in light of the current geopolitical circumstances, and especially in light of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, its central role in fulfilling With its commitments to supply global markets with energy, as it worked to increase its exports of natural gas and cover the needs of the international market, especially the European ones, in parallel with the goals set in the sector to increase the amount of exported gas in the medium term, and to search for new markets that would enable it to impose itself as a strategic energy resource. in the world due to its potential and advantages in exploiting these resources. He called on the workers of the energy sector to intensify efforts in order to raise the challenges and work to dedicate these projects on the ground and the companies and dealers in the hydrocarbon sector, whether nationals or foreigners, to seize the available investment opportunities and work with us to raise our production capabilities of hydrocarbons, to achieve common interests and ensure security. energies for the two parties, and moving forward towards an energetic transition.

The Prime Minister touched on the steps to develop the mining sector, as this year witnessed the actual start of the exploitation of the Ghar Al-Jubailat mine. Algeria enjoys the advantage in the great opportunities available to our country, which makes it become among the main actors at the global level for the development of the hydrogen division, which would contribute effectively to the success of the energy transition in the country, and the creation of added values, in terms of wealth creation and sustainable jobs. He revealed the adoption of a roadmap for the development of hydrogen, including green hydrogen, in order to enable it to fully integrate into the global dynamics associated with the energy and environmental transition.

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