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A group of professors of higher education and scientific research praised, in their interview with Al-Hiwar, the decision of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to establish private universities, stressing that going to this model of universities will create honest scientific competition, which will give impetus to the higher education and scientific research sector to creativity and innovation and raise the level of Education in a large way, and is moving this sector to the space of thought and effective knowledge in the field

For reference, the recent cabinet meeting dealt with the issue of private universities in Algeria, where members of the government discussed opening the field of investment in the sector for private individuals, with the possibility of benefiting from bank financing.

Dr. Mukhtar Alali: It is time to raise the level of knowledge of higher education

For his part, Professor Mokhtar Alali, a specialist in development and anti-corruption at Al-Tahri Muhammad University of Bashar University for Economic Sciences, told Al-Hiwar that private universities were taken from other countries, pointing out that the academic returns of regular universities decreased, and that going to private universities will inevitably rise. From scientific and knowledge giving, private universities will also be able to give new impetus to the scientific and pedagogical aspect, especially by taking a lot of experiences that many countries preceded us, especially the successful ones, knowing that the same speaker says that this model of universities can create a kind of creativity and enter into the economic market, which can To produce a kind of high-level intellectual and scientific benevolence in terms of academic and professional training. It is only necessary to provide a kind of legal formulas that follow these universities, and the necessary conditions for joining them, whether the student or the professor, and the university framework that joins them for the sake of teaching or the pedagogical body, especially since According to these new bodies, it will be an effective role and a positive catalyst that will enable the creation of a kind of creativity and innovation within the university, and thus there will be a kind of competition in The pedagogical field from the scientific and professional point of view, and therefore we will have a new market for scientific knowledge.

Dr. Ahmed Koraya:

Private universities will make a quantum leap in higher education

On a similar level, Professor Ahmed Quraya, a professor of social psychology at the University of Bouzareah, said in his interview with Al-Hiwar that the call of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, during the recent cabinet to establish private universities, is a right decision that must be quickly implemented on the ground, and with this new approach to education. The higher authority requires the concerned authorities to establish a strict book of conditions and to prepare an evaluation report of a set of educational and administrative standards for these bodies before their establishment and to screen the submitted files and conduct an in-depth research into their merits so as not to deviate from their epistemological character, so that the desired goals of their establishment are clarified, which is the primacy of interest Scientific and pedagogical, enriching the world of knowledge and scientific training and achieving scientific and knowledge goals in Algeria on personal interest and profitability so as not to put the student and the professor and his staff around the corner, provided that it is concerned with developments at the level of international higher education and that it opens horizons for the student to creativity and innovation according to its new scientific outlook, and becomes Therefore, the university is a nursery for good ideas that serve the national economy and work to develop the social aspect.

And what everyone should know, Dr. Ahmed Qouraya adds, is that the sector of higher education and scientific research is very sensitive and related to the future of higher education in Algeria, which requires us, as the same speaker said, to be keen to deal with it from its various aspects in quantity and quality, and to be fully responsible for the professor and the student, and it will also allow the absorption of unemployment through Employing new professors in various disciplines, and also works to serve the pedagogical system in its proper form, and thus will allow such universities to create an honorable competitive atmosphere between them and the public university, and not a match for the old university.

Dr. Suleiman Nasser:

This will improve the ranking of the Algerian university

In the context, Professor Suleiman Nasser, a professor of finance and banking at Kasdi Merbah University in Ouargla, believes that the call of the authorities through the recent cabinet to give great importance to private universities even if the law allowing them existed before, and the same speaker said that this new approach is something important. And if he came late, indicating that this type of university will achieve, as he said, two goals, he will work to create competition between private and public universities instead of having the latter only in the field, which is something that exists in many countries, and this would improve the classification of Algerian universities globally. This is a point that has always aroused controversy, and on the other hand, private universities will contribute, in his view, to the employment of a number of doctors who are looking for employment, and on whom the state has spent a lot to reach this level, and this is a problem that has eluded a solution so far.

Dr. Suleiman Nasser called for not forcing private universities to adopt the ministerial program, and it would be preferable for them to have absolute freedom in adopting the programs applied in international universities, in terms of years of teaching and in terms of the content of the programs, so that these universities do not turn into a field of experiments like public ones, as we see and expect from during recent decisions.


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