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Representatives of the Algerian Civil Protection and Red Crescent tell their testimonies of their return from Turkey and Syria to “Al-Hiwar”: Algeria’s heroes… You honored us – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The scenes of destruction in Syria will not be erased from our memory.
We learned the meaning of patience and we did our duty in Syria

A number of members of the Civil Protection and the Algerian Red Crescent gave their testimonies about what they lived during their participation in the rescue operations, first aid and evacuation of the injured, and even the victims, following the violent earthquakes that occurred in both the countries of Syria and Turkey.
The attendees of the “Dialogue” forum recounted their experience during their presence in the affected areas of the two countries, stressing that they worked humanely and voluntarily and presented all their experience to save numbers of Syrians and Turks from under the rubble, considering that they honored Algeria and raised the flag high and did their work to the fullest with all professionalism.
He called on them to draw lessons by updating technologies and providing all capabilities for disaster management in the event that what befell us – God forbid – what befell Turkey and Syria.

Ayadi, member of the Red Crescent Intervention and Rescue Team: The scenes of destruction in Syria will not be erased from our memory.
A member of the search and rescue team of the Algerian Red Crescent, Ayadi Ahmed, praised the support provided by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to the Crescent, stressing that this sent them a strong charge to contribute to the rescue as a result of the disaster that occurred in Syria.
And Ayadi said, yesterday when hosting him in the “Al-Hiwar” forum: “The Red Crescent provided great support to the Syrian and Turkish peoples.
The same spokesman added, “Upon our arrival in Syria, we were divided into several fronts, the first went to hospitals, the second consisted of doctors and psychologists, the rescue front stood beside the civil protection, we were able, thanks to the efforts and coordination, to rescue, aid and provide assistance to a large number of citizens in Syria “.
And he continued saying: “The scenes of destruction and rubble in Syria shocked us. The scenes of the dead under the rubble and the people asking for help from inside buildings on the verge of collapse cannot be erased from our imagination and memory at all.”
The representative of the Civil Protection spoke about the doubts that arose about the Algerian subsidies, as he confirmed that: “The Algerian subsidies arrived and were distributed to the afflicted as a result of the earthquakes, and whoever doubts this, we tell him that the reports prove what we said, and a message to those who speak about Algeria, we tell him that Algeria is greater than him.” .
Ayadi concluded his intervention by saluting the authorities, whom he said had given them the honor to contribute to saving people in Syria, and we pray for those who fell as martyrs, adding in the same context: “We thank God for the peace and reconciliation we enjoy within the country, and we must preserve it.”

Major Doctor, Sadly: We did our work professionally, and our teams took the lead
The major and chief physician of the intervention team of Turkey, Sadli Youssef, confirmed that the civil protection teams carried out their work professionally, referring to the impressive scenes experienced by all the Algerian teams intervening in Turkey.
Major Sadli said, yesterday in his testimony about what they lived in Turkey during the rescue operations: “Our role was to provide medical support to the intervention team and provide first aid to people under the rubble. Upon our arrival, we stood on entire buildings and destroyed neighborhoods. Those who were there were transporting us to the areas where the wounded and wounded are. .
The major doctor added: “We did not sleep during the first 48 hours of our arrival in Turkey, we were all recruits in a race against time, time was against us and people’s fortunes decreased as the hours and minutes progressed, we harnessed the largest possible number of individuals, our team consisted of 5 doctors, 3 Nurses, a vet and a psychiatrist, and everyone did their homework
And the representative of the Civil Protection doctors added: “What we were going through affected us a lot, but we dealt with professionalism. We got 13 people out alive, the last of which was a woman. After the fifth day, the chances of the victims diminish, but in Turkey on the tenth day, the rescue operations are still continuing.”
Sadli continued: “We worked in coordination with the teams that were present in the field. Everyone was asking us for help, thanks to the advanced and great capabilities of the Algerian Civil Protection, especially the synotechnical teams for trained dogs.”
Major the doctor mentioned the dangers that the civil protection teams were experiencing: “We used to recite the two testimonies before entering any building or site in order to evacuate the victims or rescue those trapped in the rubble. We would have mercy on the dead and thank God that we returned safely from this work. We will be ready for any disaster.”

Soufiane Sergeef, Operational Insurance Officer of the Red Crescent: It is an honor for us to raise the Algerian flag in Syria
Operations insurance officer outside and inside the Red Crescent, Sufian Garsif, said that the Red Crescent has intensively intervened inside the shelters in Syria
And Saraqif stated that: “After the evacuation intervention, we noticed the location of the shelters that were full of the sick and wounded, and we intervened in them a lot. The evacuation was day and night. Scenes that cannot be seen inside these shelters. There are other sites where protection and the Red Crescent enter, the stricken areas where it was not. Security and raw materials, the areas outside Aleppo enter the crescent and deliver food, clothing and all requirements. The civil protection we learned a lot from, and we coordinated with each other and hope for cooperation in the future. We raised the Algerian flag high in Syria and are ready to honor our country at any moment.

Banabi Abdel Baset, Civil Protection Field Operations Coordinator: We worked in difficult circumstances and our teams provided assistance even in Taiwan
Captain Benabi Abdel Baset, coordinating field operations officer for civil protection, gave his testimony about what he lived in Turkey, where he said: “When we arrived, all the data was collapsed. We arranged priorities and noticed the buildings in which there were neighborhoods, and we succeeded in saving many people.
Banabi said, yesterday, when attending the “Al-Hiwar” forum: “The working conditions were difficult and there were several dangers. We, as a first team, arrived in Turkey, and the aftershocks were still strong with a strength of more than five degrees. The other factor that affected was the cold weather, which affected the work process from side, but helped delay the rotting of corpses and prevent the spread of diseases, which are p
And the captain continued: “We stayed up and worked with maximum energy, and we were able to do the work to the fullest. We worked in turns and divided teams to cover larger areas, even neighboring countries such as Taiwan were asking us for help, and this is thanks to the capabilities of the underground search cameras and the Synotechnical Division, and thanks to that We extracted 96 dead people and the largest number of living people, and we reached results that were reported on social media.”

Paramedic and rescuer in natural disasters Posta Tariq: We learned the meaning of patience and we did our duty in Syria
For his part, the medic and rescuer in natural disasters at the Algerian Red Crescent Bousta Tariq said that it was an honor for them to perform this noble mission, thanking the President of the Republic and the President of the Algerian Red Crescent for entrusting them with this.
Busta said: “The Red Crescent carries a noble message, which is the humanitarian message, which includes principles including voluntary work and response to natural disasters. We had the honor and learned a lot from field work, and we exploited it to save people.”
And the rescuer in disasters added: “We worked in coordination with the Syrian Red Crescent in the field of first aid and interventions, and we saved as many people as we could. Among them is the meaning of patience, as they lived through ten years of siege, only to be hit by a natural disaster of this magnitude, for this is not an easy thing.”

Assaad, Turkish journalist for Anadolu Agency: Thank you to the Civil Protection and Algerian Red Crescent teams
In turn, the journalist of the Turkish Anadolu Agency, Assaad, extended a greeting of appreciation to the Algerian Civil Protection and the Algerian Red Crescent team.
The journalist said: “The Algerian Civil Protection was carrying its lives on its shoulders because it was working with great effort. Algeria stood with Turkey without any agenda, and we, as media professionals, noticed that the Algerian team had the capabilities, and with the recognition of the Turkish people that Algeria was the first in saving the lives of citizens in Turkey.” .

The National Society for Environment and Citizenship: You honored us … the Algerian heroes
In turn, the representative of the National Society for the Environment and Citizenship valued the tremendous efforts made by members of the Civil Protection and the Algerian Red Crescent, stressing that they honored Algeria in their mission.
And the same speaker said: “We offer condolences to our brothers in Syria and Turkey, and we wish recovery for the injured. We also renew our greetings to the members of the Civil Protection and the Algerian Red Crescent for their efforts. We say that we have all the capabilities and our teams have proven their worth in the field.”
For his part, the representative of the National Society for Environment and Citizenship gave a special tribute to the Civil Protection for their efforts.

Nassim Bernawi, in charge of media for the Civil Protection: Thank you to the media that reported the heroics of the Civil Protection
For his part, the person in charge of information at the level of the General Directorate of Civil Protection, Nassim Barnawi, said that the Civil Protection and Red Crescent teams experienced field championships that will increase their experience and determination to move forward.
Bernawi added: “I would like to appreciate what the media did as well, which contributed to highlighting the heroism of the Civil Protection personnel, whether in rescue or relief operations. .

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