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Sir Christopher Hampton for the Qumra filmmakers: Focus on the power of narration and the collection of scenes – the Algerian dialogue

Novelist, screenwriter and director Sir Christopher Hampton emphasized the need to see the film’s frames in mind while writing, and to focus on the power of storytelling. He also advised emerging screenwriters and directors not to write films incompletely or roughly.

The multi-Oscar winner also stressed to the participants in his Qumra session the importance of paying attention to all cinematic necessities, starting from the stage of writing the script. Qumra filmmaker David Parfitt echoed the opinion, emphasizing the need for the best professionals, including the cast and crew, to create an engaging film. “Hire the best people, then let them do their best, and interfere as little as possible,” he said.
Hampton warned that “many new directors make mistakes when trying to do everything, thinking that they know all areas, and trying to impose their personality in their projects.”

And he talked about his experience in the world of cinema, and said: “We are in the cinema in a sector full of coincidences. As it usually happens in the world of movies, there were many miracles that led to the making of Dangerous Liaisons. I was present on the sets during the filming process, the process in which I like to be present unless the directors feel like not being present.”

And he concluded, “I learned to define the power of narration and put the scenes together. And it made me realize what one has to take into consideration as a screenwriter, not just the script, but all aspects of making a film. You should take the text very seriously, and in the process of writing it should consume you and wear you out, and you should not think about anything else at all.”

From Doha: Hussein Z

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