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The Agriculture Committee listens to the Minister of Trade and Export Promotion – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Today, Tuesday, the Agriculture, Fishing and Environmental Protection Committee, chaired by Ali Ben Sebkaq, Chairman of the Committee, held a meeting dedicated to listening to the Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Mr. Kamal Rezik, on the sector’s strategy with regard to marketing agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits, meat and milk.

At the outset of the meeting, the Chairman of the Committee confirmed that this meeting falls within the program drawn up by the Committee to listen to officials of the sectors that fall within the Committee’s competence.

During his introduction, the minister confirmed that his sector set a strategy for marketing various agricultural products, explaining that the fruit and vegetable marketing program relied on following up and exploiting the wholesale markets for vegetables and fruits, which are currently estimated at 51 wholesale markets, adding that his interests had reviewed the regulatory texts framing these people, and reconsidered the The current system adopted in controlling the market for agricultural products.

With regard to the meat division, Razik confirmed that the strategy adopted by the Ministry of Commerce, in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, aims to activate the role of public and private slaughterhouses, support operations to supply citizens with red meat from the southern states, strengthen sectoral coordination regarding livestock health control, and prepare an awareness program. For the benefit of illegal slaughterhouses in order to integrate them into legal activity, the public assembly (Agrolog) through its branch “Algerian Meat Corporation” is tasked with the periodic and regular import of calves destined for fattening, fixing fodder prices, determining national needs for red and white meat, supporting calves and intensifying fodder production, Setting incentives and facilities for investors in the field of massacres, especially at the level of the southern and border states, the need to expedite the activation of the tripartite system at the level of major public slaughterhouses, with the participation of all those involved and obliging them in an organized capacity to regularly supply the market with red meat.

In order to control the milk market, the minister revealed that the ministry has taken several measures in this regard, including placing a digitized card at the level of the central administration to control the production and distribution of milk, updating the national card for dairy products contracting with the National Professional Office for Milk, reviewing the geographical map for the distribution of milk powder to dairy products, ensuring Fair and just distribution of milk powder, amending the provisions of Decree No. 01/50 of 2001, which includes fixing the prices of pasteurized milk packaged in bags, and reviewing the profit margin specified for the product destined exclusively for domestic use.

In the same context, the government representative added that he had prepared a new map for the production and distribution of fortified milk, which includes allocating additional monthly quotas for lactobacillus of milk powder, and expanding its distribution to include large shopping spaces and spaces.

Finally, the minister confirmed that the control services of the Ministry of Trade are watching over the periodic control of agricultural products at the level of the wholesale and retail distribution chain, including vegetables, fruits, meat and milk.

During the discussion, the deputies emphasized the necessity of supplying the market with widely consumed materials and raising the quantity of milk powder destined for lactic acid products, especially in the month of Ramadan, to avoid speculation and high prices.

The members of the committee also raised the concerns of garlic producers regarding opening the door for exporting this material, in which they have achieved self-sufficiency. On the other hand, they raised the concerns of livestock breeders, foremost of which is the problem of lack of feed and its high cost.

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