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The Constantine Airport case… 5 years in prison for Noureddine Badawi and Abdelmalek Boudiaf – Al-Hiwar Algeria

The economic and financial penal pole specializing in corruption cases at the Sidi M’hamed Court in Algiers issued a statement today, Wednesday, judgment in both From the former Prime Minister, Noureddine Badawi, and the former Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Abdelmalek Boudiaf, Baquba 5Two years in prison and a 1 million DZD fine in force, in a case related to a suspicious deal related to the completion of the air station in the state of Constantine, when they were occupying, during different eras, the position of governor of the same state.

The court issued other varying sentences, ranging from innocence to two years’ imprisonment for the rest of the accused. Among them are members of the former Constantine State Deals Committee, and the same judicial authority declared an acquittal against the former governor of Constantine, Tahar Sukran, and the former secretary general of the same state, Ben Youssef Aziz.

The two defendants, along with 41 other defendants, were charged with charges included in the Anti-Corruption and Prevention Law, including a misdemeanor of intentional abuse of office in a manner that violates laws and regulations, a misdemeanor of granting unjustified privileges to others in violation of the legislative and regulatory provisions in force, and a misdemeanor of willful squandering of public funds.

According to the same source, the Constantine air terminal project was launched in 2003, that is, during the term of the former governor, Taher Sakran (2002-2005). .

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