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The Directorate of Culture clarifies the truth of the matter: rock inscriptions raise controversy in “Jijel” after the receding of the “sea” water

I traded tens Facebook pages, news of the discovery of rock carvings at the level of the “Bosaadoun” beach in the state of Jijel, after the decline in the sea water level.

And he raised rock drawings on the beach of Bousaedoun, in the state of Jijel, on social media, after the sea water level fell, but the Directorate of Culture, in the state of Jijel, refuted the news and published an explanatory statement regarding the matter, stating: “It has been and for days, it has been circulated through social media.” social media,A group of photos appeared in the archaeological site of Al-Rabita, which is classified as a national cultural heritage (Bosaedoun), in the center of the city of Jijel, causing a lot of fuss that is useless.

The Directorate explained: “The subject and what is in it is that an amateur sculptor from the state of Jijel carved geometric and animal figures along the Punic cemetery of the link in the period from 1998 to approximately 2007, and he now lives in the country of emigration (France), not far from the basement graves and the stone quarry located in the region. On the eastern side of the site, there are these inscriptions of marine animals such as fish, dolphins, and sea dogs…as well as some animals such as dogs, rabbits, and eels, and inscriptions in the French language, as they appear clearly before the sea withdraws.

And she added, according to the same statement: “The Al-Rabita archaeological site knew studies from Algerian and Arab researchers, and this research did not address such drawings, even with reference.

And she continued: “In the end, it can also be said that the interests of the Directorate of Culture and Arts in the state of Jijel had inspections of the site and an in-depth diagnosis of the drawings.”

It turns out that they are modern drawings that do not carry any archaeological or historical value.”

The Directorate of Culture stated that this archaeological site, for which a study of valuation and protection was recorded more than fifteen years ago, and the process remained in place, until it was taken care of in recent months by the sector’s interests, and all obstacles and difficulties were settled.

In the context, I highlighted that the study has ended and, according to the provisions of the laws in force, it is necessary to present any study related to cultural heritage to the Wilaya People’s Assembly, after a deliberation was obtained by the latter at the end of last year, which remained pending since January 2012.

The same directorate explained that the file with all its legally required elements is present at the level of the interests of the governor’s office, which he follows up personally, to program and, in coordination with the interests of the provincial people’s assembly, in the near future, a session to present, explain and enrich the study, and after that the protection process for this archaeological site will be carried out according to the scientific and practical standards that are internationally applied. About bricolage.

The same authorities called for the need to protect this site: “What is required of all of us as official bodies, civil society and citizens is the need to preserve and protect this important archaeological site instead of the encroachment and vandalism it experienced, including what this person did in complete absence at the time to stand against it.”

Hanan Hamlawy

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