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The fourth day of the baccalaureate 2023 .. satisfaction with the topics of history and geography – the Algerian dialogue

Candidates for the baccalaureate said, today, Wednesday, in the capital, that the topics of the fourth day of the session related to history and geography were within reach, to represent the final touch for the examiners of the Literature and Philosophy Division.
Candidates confirmed that the subjects of history and geography were very reasonable. As for the Department of Literature and Philosophy, several examinees at the level of the Action Center in the “Mohammed Al-Eid Al Khalifa” High School in Bagaredi considered that the two subjects were among the expected topics for them, which allowed them to answer comfortably.
In the same context, “Ezz El-Din B” and “Mohamed M.” said that “the issues of the liberation revolution and the Cold War saved their cycle,” given the relatively high coefficient of the subject, which would help them raise their average in the baccalaureate, so that they would be the final touch for them. On the last exam day.
These are the same reassurances within which the examiners expressed their statements at the level of the procedure center at the “Abdul Salami Brothers” Intermediate School in Al-Qubba, where they confirmed that the current session passed smoothly in its entirety, even if some of them were confused, especially in the Islamic Education and Philosophy exams, which are crucial for their division.
In turn, the candidates of the Department of Management and Economics at the Action Center at the “Abdel Rahman bin Rostom” high school in Aouali Bouzareah expressed their great optimism after today’s exam, noting that both optional subjects were within reach and allowed the examinees to answer without complications.
In addition, the topic of history and geography common to the people of experimental sciences, mathematics, and mathematical technology did not depart from the framework expected by the candidates, which was confirmed by candidates at the “Ahmed Chtaibi” center in Bouzareah, where many of them expressed their joy, to confirm in turn that the “Evian Accords And the Cold War” passed them in cold and peace, as they stand on the cusp of finishing the exams for the June 2023 session.
For his part, Mubarak Belaidi, Vice President of the National Union of Education and Training Workers, stated that the current session is proceeding in a positive way, whether it is related to organization and supervision or with regard to exams that do not depart from the framework of academic courses.
Regarding the way the topics were formulated, Belaidi said that it was “clear and very normal,” despite the confusion of some candidates because of the topics of Islamic education and philosophy, which he attributed to “some people getting used to relying on potential topics while the entire course must be reviewed.”
Returning to the candidates of the Department of Literature and Philosophy who concluded today the baccalaureate course for this year, they expressed their satisfaction at reaching the end of the exams, in a way that allows them to return to their normal activity and get rid of the great pressure that accompanied them throughout the 4 days of the exams, while awaiting the results of the course that will be announced within the 20 next July.

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